Time for new plan

Mar 13, 2007 6:50 AM

When you’re down 20, at some point the gameplan has to be changed. Call this our mid-course correction.

We have crashed and burned all season trying to forecast both outcomes and spreads for the NBA games that take place nearly a week after we write our piece.

Therefore, in an attempt to save face, this edition will focus on just Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday games. We’ll try it for a week and see how it goes. If that fails, we’ll return to picking one or two throughout the week. Hey, even us handicappers hit slumps.


Nets +5½ at Hornets: New Jersey has played a bunch of close games and this should be another. NETS.

Celtics +10½ at Bulls: Boston lost by 16 at home to the Bulls last week. If Chicago plays its normal game, this won’t be close. BULLS.


Knicks +6 at Raptors: The Raptors have been struggling of late, while the surging Knicks now hold the No. 8 playof slot. KNICKS.

Kings -3 at Bobcats: Charlotte gets Sacramento off a back-to-back. Kings have to tired in this one. BOBCATS.


Heat -4 at Nets: Shaq has responded with Wade out. He should dominate the middle against Jersey. We will ride Shaq. HEAT.

Lakers PK at Nuggets: Two teams trying to find the chemistry. Both hit hard by injuries. Kobe vs A.I. and Melo. NUGGETS