At random, ice is hard

Mar 13, 2007 7:15 AM

The eight NHL bids to the Stanley Cup playoffs in the West are virtually assured with still a good month left.

Not so in the East, where six teams are within six points of gaining the No. 8 slot. Out West, Colorado is the closest No. 8 and that margin is 8!

Lost in the shuffle is St. Louis, now 29-29 in an amazing turnaround. Watch out next year.


Wings at Preds: Standing room only at Gaylord. PREDS.


Preds at Wings: A quick rematch at Detroit. RED WINGS.

Sabres at Penguins: Sabres in a funk of late. PENGUINS.


Thrashers at Flyers: Atlanta should get decent price in roadie at Philly. THRASHERS.

Wild at Oilers: Since Smyth trade to Islanders, Edmonton has hit the wall. WILD.