Play smart and win!

Mar 19, 2007 2:28 AM

OK, so you want to come to Las Vegas to have fun and win, right? And your game is video poker, and you feel you have as much chance as the so-called experts. You’re absolutely 100 percent on track if you feel you can win, and after you read this, there’s no reason why you can’t show anyone what it takes to be a winner the majority of the time.

The very first obstacle to overcome is coming to terms with the fact that the experts really have their hands tied when answering questions about their own playing experiences. They HAVE to tell us they win, regardless of their record. It’s the second oldest trick in the book.

So now it’s time to sit down and win for a change. The first thing you do is disregard all that babble that you’ve heard about feeling good if you lose. What kind of nonsense is that anyway? Telling us that if we’re playing the right 100 percent plus machine with cash back, it is the correct thing to do even if we lose, is positively insane! It’s a good machine to play, but no one can predict the future by saying our finely honed skill will turn it all around tomorrow if we continue to play. Such people must also stand in line to collect a finder’s fee at Gamblers Anonymous meetings!

The only smart video poker player is the one who plays to win each and every time they gamble.

It used to be that when I picked up a publication on gaming with video poker articles within, one of the prime directives was to be wary of playing in any district around the world where you weren’t at least 99% convinced regulations were in place that made all their games fair. Internet play, cruise ships, and foreign countries were all suspect.

Now the flip-flop. Today, because cruise lines need the business and are sponsoring several Video Poker Players Cruises, all of a sudden we hear nothing about the warnings and are being invited to join up and play with the experts. So what happened? Simple long-term gambling economics.

Certainly, a lot of players are impressed with this rhetoric — not because they see the light — but because they really WANT it to be true. Because these type players play so very often, they have to have something to believe in!

The casinos build towers off of them, as they continually deposit precisely the amount the casinos expect them to each and every time they chase promotions and so-called specials.

After all, just how hard is it to figure out that doing what the casinos ask you to do is simply not in your favor?

So the final round is in determining just how to save face while reporting their exploits to the public. Not too difficult when you’re dealing with a public that is also used to losing.

A smart player walks into the casino with goals, wins a little, and then walks. The use of a slot club card is not important to a winner, but it can be used to their advantage if they know how to remove that little "hook" inserted into their soul by the slot club. How many people go into a casino at the end of a line just because the casino dangled some special comp in front of their nose? This, my friends, is the oldest trick in the book, and is very difficult to ignore.

There’s a lot of confusion regarding my position on the use of the slot club card. I have no problem with their use as long as the cards remain a secondary concern. I stopped using them a few years ago when certain Strip casinos began restricting my visits and play because I was winning consistently, and they were FOLLOWING my every move.

I can’t understand why anyone would want that, and in fact, how is it possible that others constantly blab about their incredible winnings and/or comps here or there, yet have no problems with management?

If the casinos weren’t making millions off of these cards, do you think they would bother to issue them? And for the small group of these pros and their followers who would have us believe they have an edge by using the cards, pull out the hankies for them as the casinos take their money faster than any other group.

I use cards these days during my Romp-Thru-Town & recreational play only, as I enjoy the game I play in dangling my loyalty (in the form of hit-and-run) in front of management’s faces as they almost always can’t help themselves by sending me out their top offers.

So just how meaningful are these cards when you’re playing to win money? You decide — I already have.