Vegas club scene
continues to sizzle

Mar 19, 2007 10:06 PM

We have openings, openings, surprises, and events to die for. This week your columnist was out and about, leopardized with his Rock Mobile, expanding his horizons. It’s good to be The Full Monti.

First it was The Lucky Strike Bowl nightclub at the Rio. This event was a 10. From Jeff Beacher and his entourage of little people, big people, weird people — he’s like the walking circus. It was mostly television media and I must say the beautiful people, of which I was one. What surprised me on this event was the food. To say it mildly it was scrumptious, delicious, plentiful and well-presented. The Rio has a hit — bowling, food, beautiful girls — life is good.

On Friday, the Stratosphere had its premier night for Polly Esther’s. This retro nightclub, disco, 70s Studio 54 meets downtown New York. The music, the dance floors, Debbie Gibson, stars that I didn’t recognize, but they didn’t recognize me, either. Ha, ha. I chose not to walk down the red carpet because I am the red carpet. I will be doing a "Saturday Night Fever" night there with my movies and also doing Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, singing my hits of the 70s. The hoot of the evening was a John Travolta look-a-like. Just spare me, please spare me. Rent the film and see what John looked like and what Monti Rock looked like.

I am pleased to announce the Best of Las Vegas awards take place Saturday, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Mystere Theater. Tickets are still available to see Monti Rock as a presenter. I have been a recipient of this award in the last few years as the best dressed and most colorful character in Las Vegas. I relinquish my crown and now I am a presenter. You can see stars of the Strip, local celebrities and radio and television stars. Tickets are still available. Call 866-712-9308.

What is the fate of David Hasselhoff? Is he going to do America Has Talent? No! What is the fate of Brandy since the auto accident? Regis has had a heart scare and Jerry Springer is going to replace him. NBC’s America Has Talent is a ratings phenomenon. So is Dancing With the Stars which makes its debut next week. America, the reality show phenomenon, is getting some brand new life right here in Las Vegas. Clint Holmes is getting ready for his show at UNLV.

The return of Roseanne Barr features a six week engagement at New York-New York. What can we say about Roseanne that hasn’t been said already? This is a woman who had the number one TV sitcom, reality TV show, wrote books, and married Tom Arnold of all people. Did he get $50 million? Rumor has it he did. Then, she found her adopted daughter. Then there was the Star Spangled Banner fiasco. She is going back to her roots, wherever they are. As a columnist, I say she has the best face lift in the business. Roseanne, I need a chin job. Can you help me?

In Las Vegas this month alone, this week the Stardust came down. Part of the history of Las Vegas came down. When is the Frontier going? The Tropicana is having its 50th year anniversary next week and the Chinese are coming. The Chinese are coming. Stay tuned.

Barry Manilow is doing great business at the Hilton. Also, Joe Piscapo beginning to be comfortable in his new show. Casting call, casting call. Steve Wyrick is looking for someone to play his mother in the show. Pays well. I would go in, but I just look terrible in drag. Four minutes a night that pays good. Call the Steve Wyrick Theater and say that Monti Rock recommended you.

Also, at The Palm, they are still waiting for Brittany Spears to finish her album. Everyone’s rallying behind her, including Dr. Phil. This girl needs our love and prayers.

The American Idol. The American Idiot. There was Dianna Ross teaching people how to sing. Oh, my. Why don’t they call Mary Wilson. She is here in Las Vegas. Dennis Hopper is coming to the Sun Coast. Remember him with a bandana? He used to be one of the greatest stars that was gonna be. Las Vegas has a short memory. Mimi Hines going to the Frisco Follies in Palm Springs.

Last but not least, highly recommended. The Phantom. You must not miss it at the Venetian. Celine Dion at the Coliseum. The Society of Seven at the Flamingo. This is the best afternoon show in Las Vegas. What is the fate of the stars at the Sahara? From the Scintas to Trent Carlini to the Platters, I would say it takes 9 to 10 months for a deal to go through. I always believe change is good.

At the Red Rock, you must all try the buffet and the restaurants. I had dinner at the steak house, T-Bones, and I paid. The filet mignon was outstanding and you must try the grilled tomatoes with spinach. Say Monti Rock sent you. For those of you, Value for the Dollar, don’t miss the buffet. Holly, the marketing genius behind this property makes this columnist always feel welcome. I recommend this property very highly. How was your week?