Spamalot tops list of new openings

Mar 26, 2007 5:46 AM

New show openings, announcements, firings and more bewildering news — it’s all in a week’s work for your Monti Rock.

Next weekend is the 50th anniversary of the Tropicana. I will gladly be there. The opening of "Spamalot" at the Wynn property and I highly want to recommend to my readers the buffet at the Rampart. Extraordinary, improved, divine. The price is right. My love to Holly and Gina.

At the Riviera, I had lunch with publicist John Neeland, and everything seemed okay. Off the record, he told me that the Moscow Ice Show will be taking the space once occupied by "Splash." But, I shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag. So, keep it to yourself: The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming.

In an email to me, John referred to his leaving and the reason for it. Evidently, they will be farming out their publicity and marketing in the future. That means George, head of advertising and public relations, was also axed. We wish John and George the best of luck.

Just a note about "out-sourcing" to publicity companies. This might seem like a cheap way to get the message out, but you still need vehicles such as Gaming Today to deliver your message to the public.

So, when you send that check to a PR firm, make sure you’re taking care of the ones who deliver your message as well.

Also at the Riviera, Frank Marino, the star of "La Cage" has a reality show, but don’t we all? This week, he was on "Identity," the television show hosted by Penn Gillette. He called me and Larry Edwards to go in on a garage sale where he was selling his gowns because he put on some weight. I don’t do garage sales. Unless it’s the garage of a real diva who wears my size pumps.

Press conference at the Luxor revealed Cirque du Soleil in its future. This news was of monumental proportions, putting at the Luxor the forefront of show business. Cirque du Soleil, which brought you Love, Ka, Zumanity and the masterpiece "O" will now tackle the great world of magic.

Criss Angel. Criss Angel. Criss Angel. Maybe you shouldn’t talk so much. I learned a long time ago when to shut up. Criss has a lot of supporters. Now, just go out and do the great job you’re capable of doing. We are looking for something new, something innovative and creative.

Okay, Las Vegas, surprise me, surprise this columnist who has seen it all. From the recording industry to television to movies to Broadway, I had my share of being one of the architects of the 60s. But again, what do I know? I like to give my readers a point of view.

At the Venetian, some happy news. One of the most wonderful openings was David Burke’s Modern American Cuisine. Direct from New York and Chicago, David Burke’s creative approach to cuisine will be showcased in the restaurant’s ultra sleek design. The opening was full of the beautiful people. I want to thank the PR and marketing department, especially Dawn and Lisa. Then, I was off to see the Jewel of the Crown, the Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hal Prince directed, "The Phantom." This was my sixth time to see the show. It is a masterpiece. I recommend it. If you haven’t seen it, you must see it.

Also, the Scintas made the announcement they will be leaving the Sahara on May 12. They will be appearing in Atlantic City and they hope to announce another local venue soon. I have been behind the Scintas since they arrived here from Buffalo when they were at the Hilton and then the Rio and the Sahara. If you haven’t caught this show, buy tickets — only $25 for locals — and tell them Monti Rock sent you.

Can it be, can it be? Yes it is. The greatest and most elegant invitation arrived at my home. A new beginning. Another beginning. From Lady Luck to the Sahara, to the Aladdin, to Desert Passage, the Boy Wonder. On one side of the pendulum we have Lance Burton, David Copperfield, we had Siegfried & Roy, we had Melinda, Dirk Arthur, Rick Thomas, and the list goes on and on, but now we have Steve Wyrick, Extreme Magic with helicopters and cars and close up magic. "The magic of a dream becomes an idea. An idea becomes the blueprint. The blueprint becomes real. Real magic becomes reality in the hands of Steve Wyrick." But, his real finale won’t be ready, so the media night will just be a social event.

What is the buzz on Rosanne Barr? Not good. The jury is still out. Again, I am a presenter at the RJ Awards at TI. I will let you know what happens. Getting ready for my birthday bash. It’s good to be the Full Monti. Just ask me. Email me at [email protected]