Is what’s left
Gator bait?

Mar 27, 2007 7:19 AM

My one shining moment of this year’s NCAA tourney won’t shine and will last a great deal longer than a moment.

Having a $20 wager on USC +8½ in its Sweet 16 game with North Carolina and seeing a 17-point lead with 14 minutes left evaporate as quick as you can say "fourth foul on Taj Gibson" still burns in my belly.

Forever save that video to back up Yogi Berra’s classic "it ain’t over till it’s over" and play it over and over again at every betting seminar. For all you lucky folks who had UNC, congrats and say a few Hail Mary’s next time in church. The rest of us that took the 10 count can only hope things truly do even out.

Amazingly, as the USC debacle was occurring, Oregon began to implode against those Running Krugers. UNLV made an gallant spurt in the final three minutes to cut a 15 point deficit to 2. They lose on free throws by 4 when getting 2½ or 3 depending on when and where you placed the bet.

From a gaming perspective, this is what March Madness is all about. The rest of the media that avoids the gambling angle like the plague talked without end about no-travel call, blown layups, great escapes or the 25-year anniversary of UNC-Georgetown.

No, March Madness is one of a kind in Las Vegas. Rags to riches and back to rags. Good or bad, nothing compares in sports.

Now for the Final Four, having seven of the final eight and three in Atlanta alive for the title. Hoyas’ John Thompson now joins his famed dad as Final 4 coaches.

Saturday, March 31

G’town -1 vs Ohio St: Oden vs Hibbert. Fouls are the key. Oden must stay in the game. If he’s out, the Hoyas will storm the boards and roll. I’m sticking with my sheet of integrity. GEORGETOWN.

Ucla +3 vs Florida: I had UF at the start of the year, in my bracket and next season for the threepeat if Noah returns. UCLA couldn’t beat the Gators last year. Nothing has changed. FLORIDA.

Monday, April 2

NCAA FINALS: Gators win and cover against either G’town or Ohio State. If UCLA pulls the upset, it’s the Hoyas.