Wilt gains from Kobe

Mar 27, 2007 8:48 AM

Kobe Bryant’s exciting chase of Wilt Chamberlain’s record of seven straight 50-point games ended at four. But, up in heaven, the Stilt was smiling.

It was nice to see Bryant speak highly of Wilt, who most of the Gen-X hoop fans may never have heard of. That’s pretty amazing to me, having grown up watching Chamberlain-Russell and all the great Sixers-Celtics games shown on network TV. A great run for Kobe and nice to see Chamberlain’s old highlights viewed again.


Cavs -1½ at Pacers: The Cavs have played a lot of intense games of late. Didn’t like the body language in Sunday’s loss to Denver. Look for a nice game from Dunleavy as the Pacers play hard as a rare home dog to Cleveland. PACERS.

Mavs +7 at Hornets: Dallas may be the best road team in NBA history. The Hornets, though are chasing for a playoff spot and getting inspired play from Tyson Chandler. Fans a factor too. HORNETS.

Grizzlies +11½ at Rockets: If Kobe were to score 100, I couldn’t think of a better opponent. Odom showing his A-game. LAKERS.


Bucks +13 at Mavs: Cruel and inhuman punishment this time of year. Dallas plays incredibly well in back to backs. MAVS.


Grizzlies +8 at Blazers: The young and gun Blazers take full advantage of a Memphis team that plays no defense. BLAZERS.