Here’s some slot
software you can use

Apr 2, 2007 4:04 AM

A few years ago, I made the decision to add the full array of Masque Publishing’s software to our website and catalog. This included a few of their slots titles.

I was always surprised that I never got an e-mail questioning this decision. After all, I’ve written so many columns begging people to break the slot habit and move over to video poker. My father in his 10 years or so of writing wrote even more on the same subject. So, why would I sell software that allows you to practice playing the slots?

The obvious answer would be that I sell it to make money and that I must just be greedy. This is a rather laughable notion. The overwhelming majority of my revenue comes from analyzing games, not from product sales.

When I take into account the expenses, I’m lucky if I make $3 for every piece of software I sell, and I probably don’t sell more than a couple of hundred titles per year. Only a small portion of these sales come from slots software, so perhaps I make enough per year to cover the cost of dinner for two at a local restaurant.

But, I have to bring my newborn because it won’t cover the cost of a babysitter — which can be more than the cost of the dinner nowadays!

Now that we’ve ruled out money and greed, what can be another reason for selling slots software? Maybe it is so my loyal readers can practice playing? After all, this is why I sell video poker software, Caribbean Stud software and Spanish 21 software.

Of course, what exactly is there to practice when playing slots? You put in your money, you press a button and you see how many coins you won. How much practice does that take?

Admittedly, with some of the newer games, it is very hard to figure out when you won and why. So, maybe it gives the player a chance to practice spotting winning combinations. Of course, the slot machine will do that for you, so it’s not like it is imperative that a player learn how to do this.

Maybe the player can practice how to pick winning machines? He can seek out the best paytables. Sigh! That doesn’t really work either. In slot machines, the paytables really don’t give us insight into the overall payback of the game. The machine is pre-programmed for a certain payback no matter what the paytable looks like.

Two machines sitting side by side in the casino may look completely identical, but may have been programmed to give paybacks 2-3% apart. There is no way to know which one is the higher payback. To add insult to injury, even the ”˜higher’ payback machine may only be 96% or 97%, still way below a full-pay video poker machine. And, you can always tell which video poker machines are the full-pay ones because the paytable tells us exactly what the overall payback of the machine is.

That still leaves us searching for a reason for selling slots software. If I’m so opposed to playing slots in the casino, isn’t it irresponsible of me to sell them to my readers? I don’t think so at all. Because I think playing slots at home is the PERFECT place for slots to be played. It is also the ONLY place they should be played!

Masque Publishing does an excellent job of creating casino quality video slots for your home computer. Many of them are copies of the ones you find at the casino. The best part is, the most it can cost you is the cost of the software which is relatively cheap compared to the cost of playing slots for real money.

So, don’t be an April Fool. Play slots at home for free instead of for money at the casino. Save your money for video poker, where you stand a much better chance of leaving the casino with more than you started. To help you out, I’ve discounted our prices further for the month of April (cutting into my $3 profit!). You can order Slots from WMS Gaming for $16.95 (list is $24.95), Slots from Bally Gaming for $9.95 or Slots II for $9.95. Send check to Compu-Flyers, P.O. Box 132, Bogota, NJ 07603. We’ll include our full catalog with your order, allowing you to become an expert Player at a variety of games that ARE worth playing in the casino.