Kinsey report: Wow!

Apr 3, 2007 8:04 AM

It doesn’t get much worse than last week. One would think that two wagers on Dallas would be worth a split at worst. Nada!

Two future stars emerging on our radar screen — Monta Ellis (Golden St) and Tarance Kinsey (Memphis). Didn’t Kinsey write a sex report? Well, mine says five 20-point plus games in the last 6. As for Ellis, he’s lightning in a bottle. Best transition finisher I’ve seen in years, and can hit the J.

TUESDAY (GT estimated odds)

Pistons -4 at Pacers: Detroit trying to improve its seeding in the East. Indiana on life support but looks dead to us. PISTONS.

Mavs 7½ at Kings: This should put final nail in Sacramento’s coffin. Dallas still has visions of 70 wins. MAVERICKS.

Suns -9½ at Grizzlies: I doubt Phoenix knows that Kinsey played at South Carolina. My man! Suns thinking Spurs in 24. GRIZZLIES.


Lakers -1½ at Clippers: Staples will be rocking as Clips finally playing like last year. Lakers off back-to-back. CLIPPERS.

Kings +8 at Nuggets: Denver very happy to be back at the Pepsi Center and happier to see the struggling Kings come in. NUGGETS.


Heat +2 at Cavs: When the TNT lights are on, the Heat perform. Expect another informative Shaq interview. HEAT.

Suns +2½ at Spurs: San Antonio feels slighted with all the talk of Mavs and Suns. Longoria citing and Ginobili rising. SPURS.