Playoff fever in East

Apr 3, 2007 8:08 AM

The West is basically settled, but the No. 6 to 8 playoff slots are wide open with the regular season ending this Sunday.

Six teams in the East were within 7 points. Tampa Bay held sixth with Florida, at 11, the most likely dropout.

The Western picture is much clearer with No. 8 Calgary a pretty safe 7 up on Colorado.

Now for some final blasts.


Avs at Flames: Avs may be done by faceoff. CALGARY.

Oilers at Wild: Easy win for Wild. Money Line. WILD.


Caps at Thrashers: Ovechkin can’t do it alone. ATLANTA.


Bruins at Sabres: Sabres want points title. BUFFALO. Leafs at Isles: Lots riding. No DiPietro in nets. TORONTO.

Flames at Sharks: SJ also chasing points. SAN JOSE.