Stuff the greed
and stash the cash!

Apr 9, 2007 6:03 AM

I’ve heard it thousands of times: "Rob, I followed your strategy and won for a change, but because I was feeling hot I kept on playing long after I should have left like you say”¦ and, I ended up losing more than just my shirt."

In fact, no matter if it’s one of my followers or an advantage-playing long-term strategist, I get the same messages from everyone over and over again.

So what’s a video poker player to do? Well, first things first. It’s an overwhelming fact that everyone who plays more than they should and/or beyond jackpots has a main goal that has nothing to do with winning money — regardless of what they say after they leave the casinos.

God have mercy on these poor players. Greed in gambling comes in many forms, and you’ve just seen what it does to those who just can’t get enough slot points.

But that’s just the beginning of the nightmare for most of the baited video poker players. When you’re able to get past all the slot club fluff you have the cash to start worrying about. And it can be a showstopper for most players who don’t know what they’re doing and of course, few really do.

As a local, how many times have you gone into a casino expecting to sit and have a beer or two, watch the game, chat with friends, and play fifty bucks to see if you can get lucky on the video poker machine? And do you remember the times where you hit an unexpected winner in the first few moments? So what did you do?

About 99 out of 100 times the player gets a stupefied look on his or her face, ponders whether they should cash out and go home with a nice profit, then rationalizes that they just got there so the night is just beginning — and if one big hit was made then it’s certainly possible for another to appear!

And what do you think happens next? Yes, before their night is over, multiple unplanned trips to the casino ATM — complete with their outrageous fees — round out a miserable night culminating with that same old song "I should’ve quit when I was ahead!"

So what’s a very surprised winner to do? Well, I teach every player to immediately go home with that kind of money, because it just isn’t the same kind of money when inside a casino. It’s more like "units of play" and too often winners tend to identify a quick hit as now being able to play with "the casino’s money" when, in fact, it is not. And that, my friends, is the first step to greed that eventually eats up even the best-intentioned players.

Eventually, after getting beat up and having way too many ATM fees and mounting losses to deal with, many of these type players want to talk to me. I’ve learned from my mistakes — which mirror theirs 100%.

I now know what it takes to win and why playing into greed is the fastest way into oblivion. And I totally understand that doing exactly the opposite as the casino wants and expects its players to do is the only advantage any video poker player will ever have.