Show me the ‘way’ home

Mar 13, 2001 5:04 AM

Today’s favorite ticket is a "way" ticket I played quite a bit while playing poker. It’s fun to play. It pays out quite often, though these days I wouldn’t play it seriously to win a lot of money. It does have a lot of entertainment value. You can enjoy playing it while having dinner or sitting at the bar, watching smash-mouth XFL football.

The ticket is based upon a four-spot. Pick out four likely winning numbers. (I know you’ve been studying the draws for the last few games!) Circle one group of two and two kings (one-spot groups) and you’ll have a ticket grouped 2-1-1. If you play the four-spot for a dollar and the other ways for 50 cents, you’ll have a fun little $3 ticket to play.

Play the special rates if available. The four-spot pays off just like any four-spot straight ticket. The two three-spot ways are comprised of the group of two and one of the kings. The two deuces are made up of either the solid deuce or the two kings taken together.

You’ll find this ticket will usually pay off early and often, though you will not get rich playing it. A two-spot will pay you around $6, a three-spot will pay you about $30, and a solid four will come in between $175 and $200 or so, depending on the pay rate. I hope you enjoy it! The ticket is illustrated below.

Tournament update

March 23-25: Casino Magic; call (800) 562-4425 Ext. 4001.

March 23-24: Sands Regency Reno; call (800) 233-4939 Ext. 2247.

April 8-11: Spring Hall of Fame, Reno Flamingo; call (800) 950-2964.

April 28: Peppermill Reno BLT #35; call (800) 648-6992 Ext. 7290.

July 4: Sands Regency Reno; call (800) 233-4939 Ext. 2247.

Oct 5-6: Sands Regency Reno; call (800) 233-4939 Ext. 2247.

Weekly tournaments Fridays, 7 p.m.: Horizon Lake Tahoe.

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Well that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!