Casino execs host Summit

Apr 10, 2007 3:25 AM

Casino executives from around the world will gather in Las Vegas this month for the annual Gaming Operations Summit, designed to enhance practices and profitability of commercial casino operations.

The Summit, scheduled for April 23-24 at Wynn Las Vegas, was created with upper-level casino management in mind, and features casino executives sharing trade secrets and real life successes with other casino executives.

A total of 15 speakers are scheduled over the two days of conferences and panel discussions.

"The Summit will provide information to operators that can affect change in casino performance and profitability," said conference organizer Bill Joseph. "Also, by better understanding the future of gaming, operators will become more effective and profitable."

Among the hot topics for discussion are:

”¡ Competing in the Marketplace: Hosted by Cannery Casino executive Bill Paulos, this section will identify the strategic planning needed for internal and external marketing, rewards program incentives, player retention and the importance of non-gaming amenities.

”¡ Slot Utilization and Maximization: The speaker, Cam Uhren, vice president of the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation, will share strategies and concepts on how to establish new win per-unit per-day guidelines on the casino floor. This strategy will help operators estimate the changes in play volume they can expect when converting their slot inventory.

”¡ Table Games Profitability: Conducted over several sessions, the speakers will discuss the role of table games in casino profitability and examine the ways in which these games generate revenue for the casino. In addition to an overview of the revenue contributions of table games, attendees will better understand the notions of win rate, price setting, volatility and fluctuations.

”¡ Poker Room Profitability: With the advent of poker’s newfound popularity, poker rooms are playing a bigger role in a casino’s profitability. Professional poker player and GT columnist Joe Awada will conduct this session designed to identify the visible as well as hidden customer value, and point out measures to better control poker room expenses and comps and enhance profitability.

”¡ Reducing Employee Turnover: The training director and CEO of a major Southwest casino will discuss how human resources and training efforts can align with strategic objectives to improve the value of the casinos’ personnel. Simply put, reducing the basic cost of turnover directly increases the casino’s bottom line.

Other topics of interest include Controlling Internal Theft, The Perils of Problem Gambling and the Halo Effect of Great Labor Management.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman will deliver the Summit’s keynote addresss.

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