Everything is about $$$,
except for Zach

Apr 10, 2007 5:31 AM

I noticed a study that made think about how greedy the federal government is. It’s all about the money.

As far as this Internet gambling law banning a person from betting on the web, it’s all $$$. The government says they just want to protect our kids and us from gambling, yet they don’t care how much we blow on the lotto because they get their big cut.

The most ridiculous is cigarettes. You don’t see the feds putting a ban on the good old cig. The reason is all cash. Last year the fed collected almost $6 billion on taxes for cigs, and that’s not counting state taxes. In New York alone they collect about $1 million a week in state taxes.

The guilt lies not in getting all that money, but the hypocrisy of it all. Some 500,000 people die each year from not only smoking the little devils but in breathing the smoke. The masses can make their own decision on smoking, but they are not allowed to make the same decision to gamble on line.

As far as I could find out, there were 3 people who died last year while betting on line. One had a heart attack after he hit a 35/1 shot, 1 died from over-eating and the other was murdered by his wife. Bottom line: The feds were getting their cut of that on line business and could care less about the folks.

Yes, it’s all about the green.

If they could get their cut, see how quickly this law will get repealed. As for the cigs getting taxed up the wazoo, the government doesn’t care how many die each year. In fact, that’s good for social security!

”¡ Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who has been trying to coax a pro sports team here, stated recently that he really wanted the NBA, but that wagering on basketball would continue. Bravo!

I applaud Mr. Mayor for this approach. He is 100 percent correct. For that, you have my vote.

”¡ The first full week of baseball is history. From what I could see, it was a little tough for the bettors. Well, at least for this one. I did go 2-1 on the +1½ runs plus money for a small profit. The Yankees look to be a good bet against when they are a big favorite, as their pitching staff is just average. The Pittsburgh Pirates are off to a good start and Zack Duke seems to be on his way to a great year.

Just watching baseball this past week you just couldn’t help notice how some players like Sammy Sosa, who at one time could pop the ball out of the park at a record clip, just doesn’t look the same. When hitting 60 homers, he did not even have a neck. The new, improved and much lighter Sammy looks better, but is lacking that home run power. I just don’t understand why.

There is one thing that does bother me. I was having dinner with some friends this past week and their 6-year-old son was with them. He was talking about baseball and his Pony League team. He said that some of the kids were in the dugout talking about how Barry Bonds was going to break the HR record. One of the kids said that he can hit the ball that hard because he takes asteroids!

Then the kids were wondering where they could get some of those. I am sure little Anthony and his father will have a good talk about not ever taking one of these roids. If and when Mr. Bonds breaks the record, he should have an asterisk. Not that Barry is guilty of anything”¦

”¡ In the Masters, young Zach Johnson played a great last round, put his name in the record books and also got a nice green jacket. Johnson appears to be a great guy and a real credit to the sport. Tiger tried to put on one of his late runs, but came up short at 17 and looked like he wanted to choke his caddy. I can’t remember ever seeing the Tiger that upset.

Tiger needs to chill out a little. It’s good for the game when another up and coming young gun gets a big win. I hope his caddy (Steve Williams) still has a bag to carry.

”¡ A note about some of my social security friends in the race books. There are a ton of them very upset because the Daily Racing Form no longer puts the charts in the paper. Some loved to cut the charts, keep them and study for upcoming races. The only way to get charts now is logging on to the DRF site and downloading them.

For those betting horses all your life without a computer, I guess you’re out in the cold. It’s a great decision for the Form and an industry trying to keep its betting base. I guess the betting fan is being encouraged to use a computer, download all the stuff and spend more money.

I wonder if the new group of horse bettors bet on line?