Last days of Aladdin

Apr 16, 2007 2:42 AM

What a week between scandals, firings, closings and finally the debut of Planet Hollywood. Robert Earl, the CEO of Planet Hollywood, has invited the media to a press conference and a walk through to show us journalists and columnists the change over from the Aladdin to Planet Hollywood. Also, at the Theater for the Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood, is the opening of "Stomp Out Loud."

To all my readers, what is the fate of talk radio here in Las Vegas? Do we have shock jocks? When it comes to Don Imus, for more than three decades this man has been on radio and television. I don’t condone what he said, but is there a double standard here? He apologized and apologized and apologized. It’s almost like a public hanging, a public execution. I don’t condone the firing. The pressure that was put on the media with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson was ludicrous. Where have they been when all the rap artists are putting down black women and making millions? Not just black women, talking about violence, cops in a derogatory way and all women in general, really — and gays. Not at all a good influence, yet it goes on.

Let’s talk about Monti Rock, III being controversial. As a gay man in the 60s on television, it wasn’t allowed for us to express our sexuality, so we had to rent a "wife," and I had two children called Rick and Dick. Being an entertainer, hairdresser, I had people picket NBC and want me fired from the Tonight Show because they said I was controversial and that I was gay. What I was is entertaining. I was talkative, I was funny, I was topical, I was way before my time. Who is next to go — Howard Stern? Howard Stern now has to watch his P’s and Q’s. I, as a columnist, am a fan of free speech. Where is our First Amendment? People have been doing insult radio for the last 35 years. When we talk about the double standards, they should look in their own back yard. Enough said.

Getting back to gossip. As I announced last week, WATCHIT Media, who is producing the Monti Rock Live in Las Vegas talk show, we are still looking for a great co-hostess. If you are 35, smart, attractive, can read a teleprompter, contact Noel McDaniel at [email protected]

The NBA is not coming here. Thank God!

At the MGM Grand, my favorite show, Crazy Horse Paris, the ultra sexy variety show from Paris is revamping and bringing in Diva Von Teese, who is the modern day Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy Rose Lee was a quintessential burlesque queen who knew how to take off her clothes, tease the audience with her intellect and comedy routine. Ms. Von Teese is the new burlesque, the modern burlesque. As a young man who traveled to Paris at 18 or 19 years old, I used to go to the Crazy Horse and was fascinated by the elegance and eloquence of the acts and the girls and the magic of these statuesque French showgirls and in between they had these strange variety acts. I never forgot. It was my education into show business. Crazy Horse, it’s their fourth year and they are still evolving and finding another nitch. On the other side of the spectrum, we have "Fantasy," the Anita Mann show at the Luxor, a variety show with Stephanie Jordan being the anchor. At the Flamingo, we have the X Show, another burlesque show. At the Riviera, of course, we have Crazy Girls. But, when you look at Crazy Horse, it’s a pure elegance, it’s magnifique, it’s very French. See you at the MGM.

Over at the Sahara, the countdown to the end of the Scintas has begun. They are offering $25 a person for locals. I recommend the show very highly. It was just announced that after they come back from Atlantic City, they may have a home here at another property.

Clint Holmes’ autobiographical show, Just Another Man, is opening at the Judy Bailey Theater at UNLV. Tickets are on sale now. Clint Holmes and Bill Fayne have written several new songs for this show, hoping to take this one to Broadway. So, if you want tickets, call UNLV.

At the Paris, David Hasselhoff will be leaving the show because of his commitment to America Has Talent. They have already announced the lead, but Tony Danza is in town and hanging around backstage and I think he would be perfect in the lead. Those who have not seen David in the lead should see him. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. His performance as a gay director is absolutely camp.

DNA, DNA, we know who the daddy is — Larry Birkhart. We know they are doing a movie of Anna Nicole Smith, starring Willa Ford, who was on Dancing With the Stars. Have we all been watching Dancing With the Stars? Liza Gibbons left and on the American Idol, we still have a young 17-year-old boy wooing us.

At the Rio, Prince will be leaving at the end of the month. Again, I call Prince the Mozart of this generation. A brilliant performer, musician, I just feel that Vegas was not his cup of tea. The Rio has a special announcement to make very soon in the showroom.

Things are going well with "Spamalot" at the Wynn and those fans of the Supremes, don’t forget Mary Wilson is at the Golden Nugget this weekend. Mary and Monti Rock go back a long, long time when I was touring as Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes.

Over at New York-New York, Rosanne Barr finally settling in and getting funnier and this weekend LeAnne Rimes will be the last show at the Luxor before they close the showroom and build the theater for the Criss Angel/Cirque show.

In this column I would like to thank Ira David Sternberg, the Hilton and Rick White for being instrumental in helping me, supporting me with my Monti Rock talk show. To the staff and PR department at the Hilton, you guys are the greatest. Again, I want to thank Noel McDaniel and Jim Lavelle at WATCHIT Media. It’s good to be the Full Monti.