Yanks: Say it
ain’t so, Joe!

Apr 17, 2007 7:16 AM

As I again read my new business cards from GamingToday I realized that my job description is "Sports Columnist."

Attempting to fulfill my illustrious title by being well-rounded and somewhat of an authority on all sports, I put in many hours in the last two days researching the hockey playoffs that have just begun.

My intensive study on the aforementioned subject has yielded a great deal of recommendations for my most interested readers and I’ve reached the following conclusions, which I’m certain will definitely be beneficial to all of you hockey fanatics ”¦

Now on to the boys of summer:

Last year I caught a lot of heat when I wrote the White Sox out of contention early in the season. I’ll catch even more heat with the following scenario of the mighty New York Yankees: At the all-star break in July, Joe Torre will be fired or discreetly asked to resign as the long-time manager of the Yanks.

He will be replaced by last year’s Manager of the Year in the National League, one Joe Girardi. The mighty Yanks will go on to tie with Baltimore for third in the Eastern Division behind the Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays in that order.

George Steinbrenner will relinquish all control and appoint his son-in-law acting president due to all the "angina" he experienced this season, and remarkably enough Alex Rodriguez will be selected MVP of the league even though his team finished a dismal third in their division.

Yankee fans please direct all of your anger in the form of e-mails to my beloved colleague David Stratton, editor, care of GamingToday.com. He reads them and I don’t.

Incidentally, I’ve applied for a new position with GamingToday, that being assistant to Louis Mazzola, the official Page 3 photographer.

Now to the important things in life: This week may well be the determining factor for each of the top three teams in the American League.

The Boston club has to go to Toronto for a three game series and face perennial all-star Roy Halladay, whom they can’t beat, followed immediately by hosting the Yankees for a fun-filled weekend at Fenway.

If that’s not bad enough, on Monday Mr. Halladay figures to go again as he’ll be in Boston. If any of these teams go 6-3 they’ll be on top of the toughest division in baseball.

It’s difficult to get very excited about the outcome of the National League as I do believe the Mets are head and shoulders above all others. The fun part may be the race for the wild card team.

Hopefully my Brewers will be in the hunt until at least Labor Day. The only question in my mind is who will win the West Division as the Padres and Dodgers look like the same team to me with good pitching and defense and very little offense to speak of.

In the Central the Cardinals will be there as they’ve got Albert the Great to lead them and Tony Larusso, who gets more out of less than any manager in baseball.

If I were you I’d never bet a cold weather game over and would in fact bet the majority of them under. If you are following the overs and unders, you’ll see the tendency quite clearly, with the exception being all West Coast teams, who don’t score much regardless of the temperature outside.

Have a great week and perhaps next week I’ll study up on professional soccer, as I’m certain you’d like some specific information equal to my hockey insight.