Finally, NBA
has interest

Apr 17, 2007 7:45 AM

We now begin the NBA season.

Two months of playoffs. Good matchups? Possibly.

In the West, it figures to breakdown to either Dallas, Phoenix or San Antonio. Most would also concur that this trio is better than anything the East can produce. Defending champ Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and possibly Toronto would beg to differ.

There’s really not much to choose between the West’s big three. Dallas is a 6/5 favorite at Caesars Palace to win the NBA title, followed closely by Phoenix (2/1) and the San Antonio (5/2). Detroit is 9/2 and Miami 7/1 to pace the East.

First, there’s the small matter of who finishes in the No. 8 slot out West. Golden State and the LA Clippers each have two games left with the Clips holding the tiebreaker. The victor earns a first round trip to Dallas and virtual elimination in 4 to 5 games.

The Lakers wrapped up the 7 slot, meaning they will go down before Phoenix. The Spurs will be heavily favored to beat No. 6 Denver, but the Nuggets are feisty and playing their best ball. Too bad they couldn’t get Utah. The Jazz have hit a sour note and should go out early against Houston.

The East is all about Dwyane Wade and whether that enlarged left shoulder pad. Not to mention Shaq and his tender body.

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Chris Bosh will thrill. Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash can vie for MVP again. And when it’s all said and done, we could see Dallas and Miami for one more run.

Let’s just forget that this NBA regular season even existed. It was like being stuck in American Idle. And, Idol as well.

Usually the final two days of the regular season is an exercise in futility. There’s nothing worse than NBA with no meaning.

Basically, we’re back to the last week of the preseason. Who knows if players will tank, go all out or listed to rap music. Some stars will play, others will stray. We don’t even have ”˜Bark-lay.’ My rap.

TUESDAY (odds c/o Mirage)

Mavs -5½ at Warriors: Possible first round playoff matchup in Warriors win last two games. Dallas should be resting. WARRIORS.

Cavs NL at Sixers: We would imagine the Cavs could care less. Philly will play hard for the home folks. Hope to get +3. SIXERS.

Raptors +4½ at Pistons: TBoth teams in the playoffs, but the Raptors can improve their position. We’ll take the points. RAPTORS.

Pacers +2½ at Hawks: Plenty of good seats available down front. Check out the final minute only. HAWKS.

WEDNESDAY (GT estimated odds)

Lakers +4 at Kings: LA is in the playoffs, so emotion here. Kings, to their credit, have not stopped trying even though they were out of the playoff picture weeks ago. KINGS.

Hornets +12 at Clippers: Hard to tell what happens here. Clips could be out, whereby they won’t care. Hornets are out, but they may want to play spoilers. Strictly a guess. HORNETS.

Knicks +4½ at Bobcats: So much for extending Isiah’s contract. Knicks stopped winning after that. Bobcats will show. BOBCATS.