Hooray for Hollywood!

Apr 24, 2007 2:05 AM

This week marked the "official" opening of Planet Hollywood. Stars, sports figures, restaurant tours, Pepsi Cola, Stomp, the magic acts, a gorgeous poker room and a lot of gorgeous people.

Not that I would ever drop names, but catch a few of these celebs who helped christen the new PH: Mark McGrath from Extra, Carmen Electra, Bruce Willis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Pete Sampras, Roger Clemens, Hans Klok.

What can I say about Hans Klok? He’s a magician, blonde, and along with Carmen Electra, he will be starring in a new spectacular magic show.

The amount of people was legion at the opening ceremonies, hosted by Planet Hollywood’s main man, Robert Earl. I must say the usual suspects, more like bottom feeders, were also there, back slapping, glad-handing and consuming all the hors d’oeuvres they could.

I was dressed in my Planet Hollywood leopard goes weird Hollywood outfit. People were tripping all over me saying, "Who is that weird man?"

Don’t they know I am the the Full Monti, a respected journalist, if I do say so myself.

The winner of the event was Bruce Willis, a man’s man, charming, Hollywood royalty. He’s been a partner in Planet Hollywood from the beginning.

Stomp Out Loud is the main show. And there are loads of new restaurants and lots of upgrades.

The inside of the hotel is refurbished and looking wonderful. If you’re a shopping fanatic like yours truly, you’ll like the new Miracle Mile Shops, which replaced Deserted Passage.

For my part, I arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and did not leave until past midnight, looking through all the nooks and crannies and suites and restaurants. I had dinner at the buffet and fell in love with the Extra Lounge where the Extra TV show will be taped.

As it is now logged into Vegas’ expansive archives, let’s talk about the Aladdin Hotel and its colorful history, probably most well-known for the place where Elvis and Priscilla got married. Even I had one of my "I do’s" there, but it was a figment of my imagination.

I arrived here in 1967 as an entertainer when the headliners were Shecky Greene, Wayne Newton, Totie Fields and Anthony Newly.

Caesars Palace decided to hire this New York hairdresser and open Nero’s Nook, a lounge inside Caesars Palace, with the Checkmates and Woody Woodbury.

Well, I didn’t have an act (that’s never stopped me!). I still don’t have an act, but that’s the act — that I have no act.

I was fired and my legacy began to take shape.

Vegas was a small town with showgirls, revues, Jubilee, the Lido, Nudes on Ice and Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Board.

This was the era before four wall deals. People were getting hundreds of thousands — Elvis Presley and Barbara Streisand were royalty.

The casinos were giving Rolls Royces away as presents. I was getting $14,000 a week with no act! Those were the days.

I hope on my upcoming television show I can make the viewer revisit those wonderful days of the history of my Las Vegas. It’s so good to reminisce. But, the era of the mega resort is here, from the MGM to Harrah’s, to Caesars, to Wynn, the Venetian and beyond. I think change is good. And so the beat goes on.

This week at Hooters, Bobby Slayton, the comic begins a run. This is the funniest, most risque, entertaining, edgy, comedian, and well-named as the pit bull of comedy. You won’t stop laughing. I recommend him highly.

At the Steve Wyrick Theater on Friday, the official opening and one of my favorites, Ronn Lucas, the World’s Best Ventriloquist, was featured. I remember Ronn very well from being at the Rio and now he has joined the Steve Wyrick Theater with Martin Navarro.

At the Gold Coast let’s not miss Marty Allen, the wonderful Marty Allen. He is 85 years old. What can I say about Marty? As a young performer in New York, his first wife was Frenchy. She was very kind to me and encouraged me and Marty was always gracious. Even when he was part of the Steve Rossi and Marty Allen duo, he was always gracious to this columnist. He is at the Gold Coast for an indefinite engagement with his wife, Kate Blackwell. He is a legend. I love legends because that what I aspire to.

This weekend at the Palms features the $80 million dollar concert theater grand opening with an attempt at a Guinness World Record. Rumor has it this theater was built for Brittany Spears. We are just waiting for her hair to grow back and for her to get out of rehab.

I am so tired of these stars in rehab. It’s a revolving door.

What is all the ballyhoo about Roseanne Barr? She is allowed her opinions, which I respect as we are all allowed our opinions.

Where is Don Imus going? What is politically correct? Being edgy is part of life. Being controversial is a career, which I have proven many times. Being famous is a job. How do you get fired for living up to your "shock jock" job title?

Last week saw the passing of Don Ho, of Tiny Bubbles fame, and Kitty Carlise Hart, 96, who worked until the very end. Remember her on To Tell the Truth? She was so chic, elegant and so eloquent. It’s a shame to see that era fade into oblivion.