Poker’s ‘Wild’ in the Northwest!

Apr 30, 2007 3:58 AM

Carol I sure was proud of you in the No Limit Hold’em tournament at the Spring Round-Up at the Wildhorse casino in Pendleton, Oregon.

There were 579 waddies that paid their money and tried to throw their loop around a share of over $150,000.

You were the chip leader of the event for the first few rounds, but when the limits got up there so high your pony stumbled and you got bucked off in the stampede of the final four tables.

But your ride was good was good enough for 37th place and you got paid a little walking around money.

Roland Waters, the range boss of the Wildhorse, arranged for the pay wagon to follow the herd with the $150,000 tucked away in the ranch strong box and when the cow pokes bit the dust he paid them off.

Roland paid six tables — a total of 54 of the folks got paid.

Roland told me that we set another record at the round up when both of us finished in the money. He said that was the first time that a husband and wife had both finished in the money.

Yes, I went on down the trail a little ways and I thought I was going to see the elephant. But my horse put his foot in one of those prairie dog holes and broke his leg, then my rope broke and I had to settle for 12th place and a little over $1,000.

But, the round up is not over and honey we will saddle up and have another go around today.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

Here’s a bonus — Johnny Hale’s 10 best tips.

1. Do not play poker when you are mad (at yourself or someone else)

2. Do not play poker with important money. If the money that you are playing poker with is needed for another higher purpose in life or if the money will buy something that you or your loved ones need, you must not play with important money.

3. If you think the game is not right for you to play, don’t play. (Cheating, smoking, excessive drinking, stakes too high ”” just any reason that makes you uncomfortable when you play.

4. Do not play against the clock. If you have something else that is more important than the game, go take care of that, then come back and play.

5. Know the rules of the game and the house rules of the poker game.

6. Relax, do not rush your play. Poker is a waiting game. Wait until you have good positive expectations of winning the pot before you try to win the pot. Think you are going to win.

7. Do not let anything upset you while you play. If you get a phone call or you begin to worry about something that you must do tomorrow and you do not have 100 percent of your attention on the game, quit. They will deal tomorrow.

8. Rate the players. Give each of the poker players a rating. When you are in a pot with the top rated players you must play the way porcupines make love ”” very carefully ”” or you will lose your money.

9. Raise the pot at every opportunity. It is often cheaper to raise the pot than to just call. Most important — unless you are small blind or big blind in hold’em — do not play in a poker pot that has not been raised before the flop.

10. This is the most important tip of all. When you look down and find that you are winner, quit. Do not try to win all the money today. Greed is a horrible thing. You can shear the sheep often, but if you kill the sheep you must eat it. They will deal again tomorrow. Go home, be happy and count the money.