From Russia with love

Apr 30, 2007 4:28 AM

Openings, announcements, disappointments, rumors, and gossip — as I go through my email and invitations, it is hard to choose which had the most impact.

Let’s start with Planet Hollywood. We all know about the unveiling and plans for a new magic act from last week’s column. Robert Earl, the CEO of Planet Hollywood, had introduced a bunch of stars and proudly proclaimed that Carmen Electra would be the sexy co-star attraction of this incredible new magic act.

A couple of days later, Carmen Electra is no longer involved. The master illusionist, Hans Klok, who is a 60’s look-alike with wonderful hair, is flying solo with his show "The Beauty of Magic."

But not for long! Another press conference is scheduled to announced a surprise guest. I thought it would be Brittany Spears, or hoping it would be Brittany Spears. But can we get any better than this? We have Pamela Anderson as the guest star, flying through the air, doing illusions. As a columnist, I feel Pamela Anderson fits the brand of Planet Hollywood a little better. So, here we go again.

We’re all looking forward to seeing Pamela at Planet Hollywood. And, may I add, as much of Pamela as decency laws will allow!

At the Riviera, the new show, Ice has opened This is a brand new Russian ice show. This is not nudes on ice. On Monday’s opening, those of us in the press are looking forward to ice directly from Russia. There are 42 Russian athlete performers including Serguy Ryshkoss, and Emmy Award-winning choreographer Debbie Brown.

What can we say about the showroom at the Riviera? "Splash" had one of the longest runs in town. When it closed they brought a Japanese show in, but this show seems to be a new wonder, a new spectacular.

The Riviera showroom will always have that "old Las Vegas" flavor. You will get the same nostalgia by taking in the wonderful, divine and incredible Marty Allen. If you haven’t seen Marty and Karen Kate at the Gold Coast, go, go, go. For $29.95 you can’t afford to miss it.

Marth’s show is called, appropriately enough, "Hello Dere." What can I say about Marty Allen? He is one of the nicest people in show business. He is an inspiration to comics because his show is totally clean.

His wife, Karen Kate, is a wonderful singer and she can play a great piano. She is a belter! The show is full of classic Allen routines from the Ed Sullivan Show. Ernest Borgnine was at the opening at the age of 90 looking fabulous. I sat with the wonderful Terry Jenkins and the legendary Bill Moore. It was Marty’s birthday and they served cake and champagne. I recommend this show very highly.

How many ticket brokers can sell a light bulb? How many shows can one see in three days in Las Vegas? We still have to thank and appreciate Celine Dion, who is finally closing later this year. In the wings we do have Bette Midler and Cher.

The Coliseum at Caesars has raised the bar for what we are looking for in international stars. Case in point, last week I was invited by a certain PR company to cover Gwen Stefani’s opening at The Pearl, an $80 million theater. Let’s just say I was not impressed. I was treated very shabbily and with disrespect.

But, I guess the properties know more than we do in the media know. The Palms has its own following, The Playboy Club and the MTV crowd. I think they do have a winner in Brittany Spears, with her wigs, for the comeback of the century.

Look at the Rio and what happened with the short-lived Prince. He is a great musician, but he is not Vegas. He is Prince, a genius.

Conversely, Barry Manilow has a fan base and has sold so many recordings. He is Barry Manilow.

Getting back to reality, the Monti Rock TV show, Live From Vegas, will be addressing the Third Coast with the great host, Monti Rock, III, and also creating a blog to make Monti Rock international. Oh, I am international!

We are all waiting for Clint Holmes’ new show, Breathe, at the Judy Bailey Theater, with 25 new songs and we are all looking forward to the next spectacular show. Will it be Criss Angel at the Luxor with a Cirque de Soleil? Will it be the Beauty of Magic at Planet Hollywood? Will it be the Russian Ice at the Riviera?

On a sadder note, countdown to the Scintas closing May 12, at the Sahara, and going to Atlantic City. They are announcing their new venue sometime in September.