Colorado gaming revenue climbs 12 percent in March

Apr 30, 2007 4:45 AM

Total Colorado gaming revenue increased nearly 12 percent to $74.5 million in March from a year earlier.

For the first three months of 2007, Colorado’s 44 casinos raked in revenue of $592.9 million, according to the Colorado Division of Gaming.

Casino revenue technically is called adjusted gross proceeds (AGP), or the amount wagered by bettors minus pay-outs from casinos.

Casinos in the state paid $12.7 million in gaming taxes in March, up from $11.3 million in March ”˜06.

Gaming taxes help fund things such as the Colorado Historical Society, city and county governments in gaming towns as well as the state’s $19 million-a-year tourism-promotion fund.

The gaming town of Black Hawk’s 20 casinos, as usual, accounted for most of March’s AGP — $53.6 million.

Cripple Creek’s 18 casinos contributed $13.7 million in revenue, while Central City’s six gaming establishments had $7.2 million.

When it comes to games, penny slot machines were the big winners last month with $30 million in AGP. Dollar slots came in second with $13.4 million in revenue. Dime slots provided the least revenue for the month at $683,679.

Other games offered by Colorado casinos include blackjack and poker.