Memoriesof Hagler?

May 1, 2007 2:41 AM

Short and sweet. Overconfidence can only beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Oscar de la Hoya is not the fighter he was when he stepped in the ring with the legend Julio Cesar Chavez. Really, he hasn’t been since Felix Trinidad. But I keep seeing this replay of Hagler-Leonard when Marvin basically gave the first six rounds to Sugar Ray.

Leonard fought smart and brilliantly in the final seconds of rounds to steal the decision many today still believe Marvin won. That was the 1980s fight game at its best at Caesars Palace. This isn’t. What de la Hoya-Mayweather is lies in the desperate state of boxing 2007.

Maybe this will be a throwback and we will see a great fight Saturday night. The hype of pay-per-view would certainly makes us believe that will happen. Reality in this corner paints a different picture, not a pretty one except in Floyd’s eyes.

Mayweather, though giving up punching power, is just too quick for today’s Oscar and should win most every round. It will be 12 rounds in the middle of the ring, with a lot of jabs, defense and boos.

At least Oscar can still draw the beautiful women to his fights. He’s still in his prime there..