Ineptitude still Millen’s forte!

May 1, 2007 3:53 AM

This has been a most interesting week in the world of sports. If you’ve been around for a while in this racket you almost anticipate astonishing occurrences.

The best of these has to be Matt Millen, the general manager of the Detroit Lions, again using his first pick in the 2007 draft to select a wide receiver with the second overall pick. Matt has to be complimented for his non-relenting focus on that particular position. He’s going to keep picking wide receivers until he gets it right or gets fired first.

This must be the fourth time he’s tried to find a good one and he runs a team that at this time doesn’t have a quarterback to throw the football to any of them. He must have a fleet of Fords to have as much juice with Mr. Ford to keep his job. As a general manager he makes Elgin Baylor of the L.A. Clippers look like a genius.

Sam Mitchell, who is the coach of the Toronto Raptors, has won the Coach of the Year award in the NBA. He led his division and brought a new franchise to the playoffs; he undoubtedly deserves the accolades that have been thrust upon him.

My complaint lies with those other coaches that made up the top five in votes. Not amongst them was Don Nelson in his first year with the Golden State Warriors. The last time Golden State got into the playoffs was 13 years ago and guess who was their coach then — you guessed it, old "Nellie."

Here’s a coach who didn’t like his team and made a trade with the Indiana Pacers at mid-season and coached all the new players to the playoffs. The irony of the trade was the Pacers coach, Rick Carlisle, got fired and only a few years ago he was the golden boy of new NBA coaches.

While we’re on the NBA, I decided to watch a few games last Thursday. The first game was Detroit at Orlando — a "must game" for them as they were 0-2 to the Pistons. The next game was the Rockets at Utah. Well, the Piston game ended 83-77, and the Jazz game ended 81-67.

I was overcome with excitement after both games, and swore off the NBA until the finals. Imagine two playoff professional teams scoring 77 and 67 points with four 12 minute quarters — are you kidding me or what?

As far as the Kentucky Derby goes I look to Richie Saber for some insight as I’ve been doing for years. He’s good at it and I’ll follow him as well as my friend "Jerry J" who puts out a free tip sheet in most books; he’s not only good at it but he comes from my home town.

On a personal note I’d like to congratulate my older brother Mort (75 years young) on bowling a 655 series in his league in Bowie, Maryland. Those genes that Mort has somehow skipped over me. The other day I bowled with my grandson, Nate, who is 10 going on 16, and he beat me 110 to 103, and we were using the bumpers to boot.

Have a great week and stay on the Indians and Brewers to win and the A’s under and the Devil Rays over.