Poker tips for the Ladiesof Mesquite

May 8, 2007 12:18 AM

Carol, I want to tell the folks today a little more about you and the Ladies of Mesquite, but first congratulations on your poker tournaments win at the Wildhorse in Pendleton, Oregon and the Peppermill in Reno.

Today, I want to tell the folks a little about your poker training class for the Ladies of Mesquite.

Thanks for your invitation for me to come out to one of your poker training classes and to visit with the oldest ladies club of Las Vegas.

I do not know how you find time to play a little poker and spend so much time being so helpful with all of the charities that you sponsor, including The Seniors Charities, Sign Design Theater and The Nathan Adelson Hospice.

I’m sure you’ll do well in your newest position as the future president of the Ladies of Mesquite.

Here are some other upcoming charity events, so mark your calendars.

I have been invited to be one of the committee members to host the charity event at Caesars Palace on May 12. I hope you folks can all drop by and play a few hands with Carol, Oklahoma Sarah and me.

Then on May 27 at the Gold Coast, where Tagg is card room manager, (The Card Room Manager of the Gold Coast), we will host the Second AnnualNo Limit Hold’em Charity Tournament for The Sign Design Theatre.

And, yes, Oklahoma Sarah will sing "The Gambler" at the event.

Katy Raymond, the director of poker operations at the Venation, has invited me to come to the poker room to celebrate my 80th birthday poker party on September 30.

Everyone is invited and I sure hope a lot of you folks can come. Here’s a caveat, though, I’ve been requested to sing "Back in the Saddle."

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

One of the best strategies in poker is the check-raise. Here are a few thoughts.

You must always keep this tool in your poker toolbox and I want you to remember to use it frequently and raise the pot at every opportunity.

In order to execute the check raise you must learn to be a good actor.

You must act as if you have lost interest in playing the pot and that your hand is not very good and that you will throw it away as soon as someone bets the pot.

It is not that hard to master this poker skill. It will be so easy for you to fool the other poker players — just practice while you are playing your poker hands and cause the other player to think that most of the time that you do not like your hand by throwing it away in the same casual manner each time.

Then when you have a really good hand act the same way that you have been acting when you would just throw your hand away when someone bet.

Now you have arranged things so that you can just check as you have been doing when you did not have a good poker hand but this time when they make a bet as you have trained them to do because they think you are a weak target.

But you will teach them that this target shoots back and you will raise them back.

You will gain their immediate respect. The pot will be bigger when you win it and the next time when your hand is not so good and you just check to them they will fear that you will check raise them again and sometimes you will get a free card.

The key is to train the other poker players to play the way you want them to play.

Once you learn to execute the check raise, you will be feared and respected and you will get the money.

This closes the poker lesson for the day.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!