Trained eyeshelp casinos

May 8, 2007 8:38 AM

Casino operators are often surprised by customers who complain that the customer service they expected from a well-known property failed to measure up.

To those managers who find that they are at a lost to uncover the cause of these complaints, Peter Maheu has a response: employ an agent graduate of the Gaming & Resort Managers program, provided by BlueTree Services.

A sub-division of Maheu’s Global Intelligence Network, BlueTree Services has graduated 25 students from this unique training program that prepares them to become agents that will provide insight into a property’s customer service, guest loyalty and front-end operations.

"After graduation," explained Maheu, "these agents become certified Level One Evaluation Specialists and many of them are now providing undercover customer service evaluations at casino and resort properties throughout the country."

Working in conjunction with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), BlueTree Management services established the only fully accredited University Intern partnership of its kind in the nation.

"This special training and the sophisticated software system they use for reporting takes mystery shopping squarely into the 21st century," says BlueTree’s President Frank Petrasich.

Students attend over 90 hours of intense classroom study and participate in a number of field exercises. As an example, agents are trained to report on the activities at a blackjack table, such as: buy-in activities, pit supervision responses, hand production, game, deck and shoe protection, rack management, accurate "reads" and payouts, player interactions, as well as the guest service skills of the dealers and supervisors.

After training, the agents offer "the essence of a new generation of mystery shoppers."

Nancy Gil, a UNLV intern, gave high grades to the class, saying, "Lessons learned about creating that exceptional guest experience will stay with me long after my graduation and entry into the gaming and hospitality industries."

Global Intelligence Network, LLC, parent of BlueTree Management Services, currently fields a force of over 280 mystery shoppers and certified Evaluation Specialists.