Proof’s in the playing

May 15, 2007 1:03 AM

Unlike others who mostly talk about theories and probabilities of occurrences, I occasionally like to report the results of my play in this column that only comes in short-term bursts, on the individual trips that I take to Nevada. It gives people a real-life scenario to relate to as well as a good idea on how to consistently beat a game that few can.

It also eliminates all the fluff associated with how others report their play. My reported results are strictly those obtained directly from the machines and never convoluted with distorted comps, gifts, cash back or any of the other nonsense that goes along with the gathering of video poker phantom bucks.

And imagine anyone saying "I had a .6% advantage because of the value of the car giveaway that I unfortunately did not win!" Have you stopped laughing yet?

I’m writing this as I just returned from an overnight drive back to the Phoenix area after playing four Romp-Thru-Town (RTT) sessions at four popular casinos in Las Vegas. To reduce any confusion some seem to have about my use of slot cards, I always use one when playing RTT.

The advantage I have over "advantage players" is that I’m never roped in to play for promotions, and I play when, where and why I want. If they’re giving away something extra while I’m beating them up then I’ll take it. It’s as real and as simple as that.

I hadn’t had a royal flush since last August, and I certainly never expect them and absolutely do not require them to win. But after losing a quick 100 credits on $1 Bonus Poker at the Winchester Bar in Sam’s Town, seven hands into DDB (yes, a negative expectation game) I hit my first one of 2007. Session No. 1 was history at plus $3,900.

I went to Bellagio for my second session. Again, I started my play at dollar BP, and after a fairly long two hours of play through dollars, $2 and $5, my play there ended with four 10s on $10 Triple Bonus Poker Plus — another negative expectation game — and an overall session profit of $1,500.

After some rest I chose to go over to the Hard Rock for session No. 3. It took about 30 minutes to get ahead by $200 but I left because I was having a hard time concentrating. If you know the Hard Rock then you understand that statement.

Then I went out to Red Rock Station to continue my session, and I reached my overall $500 win goal in about an hour. The beauty of this wasn’t the win really, but the location of where I played. Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch are, to me, the two most beautiful and exciting resorts off the Strip as well as two of my favorite places to play.

My final session was played back at Sam’s Town, where I played until I won another $2,000 and quit. The ride home was of course enjoyable, as I just went 4-0 with a profit of $7,800 — and my first royal of the year. It was, again, the epitome of short-term play, and the reason why my play strategies work so well within it.

So at the end of the day should I comply with the math experts and add all my sessions up as if I were on one long-term journey? Not at all, and to do so would be one huge mistake.

They say I cannot win playing both the games I play and with the strategy I use. They say I will eventually be a loser. Well, after over $750,000 profit since changing strategies and not a single benefit added in for the usual extra fluff, I’d say they might want to heed my advice.