Here’s a pitch for inter-league

May 15, 2007 5:29 AM

For those of you that follow Major League Baseball, a great treat is upon us as inter-league contests are only a few days away.

The interest of inter-league play becomes enormous to most and leads to a great deal of bragging rights for the teams that are either in the same city or state.

For those of us that attempt to beat the sports books, it becomes a nightmare for the loyal betting public. Just when you get your finger on consistency they invoke inter-league play and you have to start all over again.

The only trend that seems to have some semblance of success is that American League teams are better than the Nationals. That being said, when the Nationals are the home teams and the designated hitter slot is eliminated they in fact have a substantial edge.

The philosophy of the game changes dramatically and managers play small ball as opposed to long ball. Double switches are utilized and one-batter pitchers are invoked.

It seems like an entirely different game. It is a mess and if you invest your hard earned dollars on the eventual outcomes you need to have your head examined. But I must admit it’s fun, and even if you see a Washington vs. Kansas City game you can decide who really is the worst team in the Majors. My best advice is for lovers of the game itself to enjoy the contests and bettors of the game to take a vacation to Tahiti.

My evaluation of the Yankees’ demise hasn’t changed substantially with the addition of the great Roger Clemens. He figures to win 10 games behind their dynamite offense. However, they probably would have won five of those games anyway, so they’ll pay a ton of money for an additional five victories. I still say "Joe will go." Roger picked the wrong team if he really wants a World Series ring. He should have gone to the Red Sox instead.