New cinderella: Utah

May 15, 2007 6:47 AM

As an observer, I’ve found it hard to enjoy any other NBA playoff series more than those involving the Warriors.

Now, it appears the Jazz are ready to move ahead. I had thought Utah games were boring, but not this version of the Jazz. This is one very dangerous team.

The Phoenix-San Antonio series is a war. It’s Amare vs Ginobili. Whoever plays better will win.

Cavs and Pistons will move on. The West is best. Wait for the TNT games.

TUESDAY (odds c/o Mirage)

Bulls +7½ at Pistons: The Bulls showed me a lot by coming off the mat to win Game 4 by double-digits. It seems Detroit may have considered this another 4-0 series like Round 1 against Orlando. The fact it isn’t and given Chicago’s desire to stick around may make Game 5 a real dogfight. BULLS.

Warriors 4½ at Jazz: For the first time late in Game 4, I saw frustration and perhaps a sense of reality in Golden State’s wonderful playoff run. The 3-point bombs weren’t landing and Utah’s superior strength and precision is taking its toll. Derek Fisher has been huge in the playoffs and every part in Sloan’s deep arsenal is working. JAZZ.