Props back at Imperial

Mar 13, 2001 8:16 AM

Bettors like props and they want even more props.

That’s just what the Imperial Palace Sports Book offers for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which starts Thursday morning.

"The (tournament) props are getting more and more popular each year," said Jay Kornegay, Imperial Palace race and sports book manager. "We put back up the popular props and start some new ones to see what’s popular and take down the ones that aren’t. It’s a lot of work to put props up and then see there is minimal play."

One of the popular props is over/under wins by a conference. There are six conferences involved: Big 10, Big XII, Pac 10, SEC, ACC and Big East.

Parlays are not allowed on these, however.

"People like to bet those because they’re more partial to their school’s conference or if they’re from that part of the country," Kornegay said. "Someone from the Southeast will bet on the Southeastern Conference because they think that’s the best conference. Others will bet against a conference because they don’t think it’s that good."

One prop leads to perhaps the most exciting two minutes of the tournament. The IP picked out two of the four No.1 seeds first-round games vs. a No. 16. The first is "Will Monmouth ever have the lead" against No. 1 Duke. Yes is +130; no is –160. The other game picked is Alabama State vs. Michigan State. "Will Alabama State ever have lead" against Michigan State. Yes is even; no is –130.

"We chose the (two) games by scheduling," Kornegay said. "We like to have that game in prime time. Action is real heavy that time of the day."

The Duke game is Thursday at 4:40 p.m. PST. Michigan State plays Friday at 4:40 p.m. PST.

Other props are "How many No. 1 seeds make the Final Four," "Will a 13th seed win at least one game," and "Will a 14th-16th seed win at least one game."

The No. 1 seed prop has an over/under of two. Over is +160; under is –200. The 13th seed win prop is yes –220; no +180. The 14th-16th seed prop to win one game is yes +200; no –250.

Kornegay says the spreads and totals are more popular than props in the tournament.

"In this one event, all games will have tremendous action," he said. "With the Super Bowl, we will get more action on the props. (NCAA) props are popular with the wise guys and the public. That’s a good mix."

This is the seventh year the IP has offered tournament props.

Kornegay said props weren’t offered at the IP during last weekend’s conference tournaments.

"Conference tournaments don’t receive that much action," he said. "It’s tough to bet them because teams are familiar with each other. It’s steady (betting), but nothing like this week."

Conference over/under props:

ACC over/under is 13½ Under is even Over is –130

SEC over/under is 9½ Under is –115 Over is –115

Big 10 over/under is 12 Under is –115 Over is –115

Big 12 over/under is 8 Under is –140 Over is +110

Big East over/under is 6½ Under is –150 Over is +110

Pac 10 over/under is 10½ Under is –115 Over is –115

Betting takes a dip in the (Derby) pool

By Adam Soboleski

Nevada betting plunged significantly for Pool 2 in the Kentucky Derby Future Wager.

According to John Asher of Churchill Downs communications, Nevadans bet only $22,200 in Pool 2, about 6 percent of the $372,961 national pot.

In Pool 1, Nevada bet 20 percent ($104,036) of the $510,815 nationwide figure.

"I think (pari-mutuel) is an important option for our Nevada bettors," Vinny Magliulo, coporate spokesman of Las Vegas Dissemination said. "It’s better for the bettor because there are more options. I think the reason for (more wagering in Pool 1) was because there are better prices in that pool. There are a lot more unknowns. Odds were more attractive."

A victory in the Florida Derby made Monarchos the 5-1 favorite by bettors in Pool 2. Prior to the win, Monarchos was 15-1.

The "field" and Point Given closed 6-1. The "field" would pay $15.80. Point Given would pay $14.60. Hero’s Tribute closed 11-1. Street Cry, Millennium Wind and Dollar Bill all closed 12-1. AP Valentine, owned by basketball coach Rick Pitino, closed 14-1.

"(Pari-mutuel) betting looked down this weekend," observed John Avello, Paris Las Vegas race and sports book manager. "There were more people in town during the first pool."

Last month, a Nevada casino’s fixed odds were taken down during Pool 1 and put back up after the pool closed. That rule changed last week as the Gaming Control Board gave casinos the option of keeping fixed odds open.

Pool 3 is April 5-8.

Kentucky Derby
Future Wager – Pool 2

AP Valentine


Burning Roma


City Zip




Crafty C.T.


Dollar Bill


Early Flyer


Global Gait


Gold Trader


Hero’s Tribute


Holiday Thunder


Invisible Ink


Millennium Wind








Point Given








Street Cry


Strike It Smart


You Know Who


All Other 3-Year-Olds