David Cassidy is back

May 21, 2007 4:55 AM

For the fans of David Cassidy, he will be in Primm on June 16 with a brand new book and the news that is he is part owner of the Rat Pack Show, so one has to marvel at the legacy of David Cassidy. From the Copra at the Rio to FX at the MGM, this star keeps coming back.

We had the Country Music Awards with lots of country folk, lizard-skin boots, 10-gallon hats and no problems. Well, well, well.

Reba was the hostess. Sometimes she is not funny, but she is great. Kenny Chesney won Entertainer of the Year. Kelly Clarkson sang with Reba and the country stars were out in their elegant attire. It felt like an oil man’s convention.

David Hasselhoff is in town with Jerry Springer and Sharon Osborne, taping the second season of America Has Talent with Springer as the new host. He faced up to his fiasco by talking about and then joking about the infamous tape that one of his family members gave to the media. David, we are with you 1,000 percent.

Melinda is gone from the American Idol. My money is still on Jordan. The American Idol has spawned many stars, like Fantasia, who is now on Broadway in "The Color Purple."

Last week, one of my outings was at the Western Casuarina Hotel. Guess what? I loved it. The magic and comedy of Dixie Dooley, the Master Mystifies. He had one wife on stage, one wife off stage, and his father celebrating his 75th birthday. In the audience was a patriarch of the Jackson Family, Joe Jackson. Big Elvis was in the audience, as well as some of the better media. What can we say about Dixie Dooley? This is a very, very good show — magic, illusions, puppets and fun.

At the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood on Tuesday, Las Vegas magician Nathan Burton is to be frozen for 24 hours. With the heat wave outside, I might take a try at it myself.

Wayne Brady was held over at the Venetian. His big press opening is Thursday. He shares a room with Gordie Brown. Have we all seen Wayne on Whose Line is it Anyway? His show is called Making It Up.

We all know the countdown for Celine Dion is upon us. Elton John is still doing business at the Coliseum.

At the Golden Nugget is the classic Don Rickles. Don’t miss him. Do we all remember Gino Vannelli? He will be at the Flamingo May 23-24 and 26-27.

Drew Barrymore was in town all last week. We also spotted the wonderful Brittany Spears with different wigs and a new body.

Tickets, I hear, are picking up for "The Producers" with Lee Roy Reams. Wish I could report the same for Martin Nivera.

I want to say now that Monti is getting ready for his annual 60th birthday bash and Monti Rock celebrating his million dollar weddings and the party will be a lot of couples typing the knot, so if you want to renew your vows, Monti Rock is the one to do it.

My favorite friend of all times, Tony Orlando, is at the Suncoast. Also, the original Family Stone will be live at the Suncoast, as well. What about Sly?

On Mother’s Day, I went to the Suncoast to see Jimmy Hopper. I once saw him at the Bellagio and also at the Luxor. I guess they are all looking for a room here.

Please do not forget to see Marty Allen and Karen Kate at the Gold Coast. He is a slice of old Las Vegas.

Bette Midler tickets are available for her opening in February at the Coliseum. So, let’s get ready for Bette and let’s get ready for the Monti Rock 60th Birthday Bash and my Million Dollar Weddings.

To all my readers of Gaming Today, if you know any gossip, email me at [email protected]

Last, but not least, for those of you who didn’t know, Bobby Darin was added to the Walk of Stars and there was a big thing at the Flamingo showroom. Bobby Darin was very kind to me when I first went to Hollywood. He and Jayne Mansfield used to come and hear me sing at the Red Velvet in Hollywood when I first started singing. I was just a kid from the beauty parlor trying to make it big in Hollywood. This was before Disco Tex and Saturday Night Fever. He always felt that I could have been a big star. To me, he understood my brilliance.

In New York, my sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Thelma M. Millgrim. She left all her money to the church, Hermany Temple in New York. She was one of the great society ladies.