Home’s sweet for AL leaders

May 22, 2007 3:26 AM

Upon viewing a few of last week’s playoff games in the NBA, I thought I was watching the hockey playoffs on wood. I kept waiting for guys to go into the penalty box for five minutes for roughing. I wonder if Robert Horry can ice skate.

Regardless, the Spurs versus the Pistons will probably be the most physical, uninteresting finals in NBA history.

This week the American League will feature two important series. The first being the Yankees hosting the Red Sox, and the other being the Tigers playing host to the Cleveland Indians. I favor both home teams to win at least two out of three.

The Tigers are coming off of a big series with the Cardinals, which they swept, and scored 28 runs in three games. They figure to fatten up on the Cleveland lefties.

The Yankees are almost in famous must-win mode vs. the Red Sox, but they do have their pitching rotation in good shape, even though they lost two out of three to their cross-town rival, the mighty Mets.

I know I’m missing the point, but I’ve got to take a shot at this anyway. What in the world is so bad about taking performance enhancing drugs? "Performance enhancing" are the operative words.

I really don’t get it. Who in any profession doesn’t want to be better than he or she is now? Shouldn’t we all do whatever we can to improve our performances? Doesn’t a brain surgeon need a lift during or after a long, tedious operation, so as he may be called upon for another emergency if necessary? Does anyway remember crimping for an important test the night before, and not drinking at least a few cups of black coffee to stay awake?

If the Federal Drug Administration allows a product to be sold in this country, don’t we all believe its okay? Does the consumption of power drinks such as Gatorade and Red Bull enhance one’s performances?

What does all this rhetoric have to do with baseball players, you ask? Well many of them have taken steroids to become bigger, stronger, faster and better players and generally enhanced their performances. So what? Did they hurt, injure or maim anyone? No, they just played better.

Do all have the same opportunities as those that are using them? I’d say so. What’s the big enough deal to have the federal government concern itself with, when this country has so many enormous problems to deal with currently? I don’t get it.