Cup karma with Senators

May 22, 2007 6:29 AM

We’re picking Series right and individual games wrong.

Maybe we need 2 minutes in the penalty box. Maybe too much baseball viewing lately!

Anyway, back to pucks. An Ottawa-Anaheim final brings back memories of Canada’s last Stanley Cup champ Montreal in the mid 1990s.

At least geography suggests a pattern. Ottawa is close to Montreal and Anaheim isn’t far from Los Angeles. Hey, I’ve heard stranger reasons for supporting teams than that rationale.

Just one thing wrong with the thinking. The West final isn’t quite over. Detroit is still alive, though down 3-2 and facing a Game 6 at Anaheim. If the Red Wings should pull it off, Game 7 in Detroit will be epic.


TUESDAY (Game 6)

Red Wings +155 at Ducks: The Wings have been in this series, but it seems it’s one goal here and there that costs them. This figures to be another tough, low-scoring battle. It could be Hasek’s last game in goal, but it’s not the first time we thought that. This Anaheim team is better than the one that reached the Cup final a couple of years ago.Home ice prevails. DUCKS.



Ottawa vs

Anaheim / Detroit

We didn’t think Ottawa would get past the first round against the Penguins and now they’re playing for the Cup. Alfredsson line is awesome. SENATORS.



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