Swept awayin stupidity

May 29, 2007 3:43 AM

Memorial Day morning was spent sitting at my trusty computer scratching my head trying to figure out how as a bettor I can deviate from a plan and try to reason out some other outcome.

First, I am thankful to all our brave service men and woman who have sacrificed so much for all our freedoms, thank you! Now as to the original question, you all know I am a staunch follower of streaks in baseball for over 25 years and have had reasonable success to say the least.

On Sunday I had all my bets lined up. Suddenly I started to think and reverse them all for this reason — the road sweep. My National League plays were Philly over the Braves, Mets over the Marlins and Rockies over the Giants. Somehow I talked myself into believing all could not pull off road sweeps. So, I just up and bet the other sides. Well, they all pulled road sweeps and I got swept!

Then there was Pittsburgh, which had defeated the Reds the first two games in their four game series. I talked myself into believing Cincy would pull out the next two, believing a four-game home sweep wasn’t possible. Well, the "Buccos," won and were headed to that four-game sweep on Memorial Day.

Being this stupid, I bet the Reds to avoid salvage the final game and recoup some of that dumb money. Otherwise, I will just throw away good bucks after bad, as they say. I did bet on the other two NL streaks — the Padres and Diamondbacks, which continued to win.

In the AL, my luck was worse. My original plays were Angels over Yankees, Red Sox over Rangers and Mariners over Royals. Instead, I went the other way. Angels win 4-3, Red Sox win 6-5 and Mariners win 7-4. Three more road sweeps. Now I am really teed off!

There’s one more team play and I tell myself that this is the get out game, never in my life having seen every home team get swept in a weekend series. If practicing some discipline, I would have had my pockets filled with cash. However, my back was against the wall and I just knew the Indians would never sweep the Tigers in Detroit. I also told myself they could only beat KC once in that three game road series.

So, it was tap out time. Cleveland won 5-3 and Get Rich with Saber went 0-7. Well it was off to the ATM mulling an end to baseball bets in favor of the ponies. Yes, Sunday was a very important lesson to be learned. Don’t be stupid!


Discipline means Joe Pa

I was sitting in the book with my buddy Syl and noted the Nationals were going to beat the Cardinals once again and win 2-of-3 on the road in St. Louis. Syl looked up and made one of his profound deadpan statements, "After the All Star break, you can still bet against the Nationals with both hands."

Now in the past Mr. Syl has made these statements and then after the fact he can’t remember. Even if I have it in print! It’s sort of like Charles Barkley’s autobiography when he claims to be misquoted.

Back to thinking of discipline reminds me to give 80-year-old Joe Paterno my big Yahoo of the Week. He’s making the Nittany Lions football team clean Beaver Stadium after each home game this fall. It all started this spring as six Penn State football players were arrested for off campus fighting, which included several star players.

Joe Pa was so upset because there were many players involved and showing such a lack of discipline. Now the job of cleaning up this huge facility usually went to members of club sports on campus such as the rugby crew. They use the $5,000 for the cleaning job to keep their programs going.

Paterno stated the $5 grand will still go to club sports even though his guys will be doing the cleaning. Way to go Joe! It’s about time these so called student athletes take some responsibility for their bad actions. Boy, do we need more Joe Paternos in the world.

bad actions. Boy, do we need more Joe Paternos in the world.