Players all-in for charities

Jun 4, 2007 11:32 PM

Carol, I want to remind the folks that you are the president of the Sign Design Theatre charity and I know that you are very pleased with the all the hard work of the parents of these kids, who have just a little trouble hearing. We’re also grateful to all the public sponsors who gave so much wonderful merchandise for the silent auction, which came together so wonderfully at the Gold Coast last week.

The entire production was under the direction of Robert "Tagg" Tagliaferri and his staff of floor people and dealers who again did a wonderful job of organizing and managing this event at the Gold Coast poker room.

A field of 58 players showed up to play in the $125 buy-in event. There were $20 re-buys available for the first hour. By setting aside $10 out of every and 100 percent of the re-buys for a donation to the Sign Design Theatre, $4,100 was donated by the poker players.

To the enjoyment of the players, our own Oklahoma Sarah — after being drenched in diamonds by M.J.Christensen sang "Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend."

Sign Design Theatre Company also put on a show before the tournament started that featured choreographed musical numbers, including Kenny Rogers’ "The Gambler."

Becki Plutte, member of the board of directors for the Sign Design Theatre said, "After adding in the proceeds of the silent auction, a total of over $10,000 was raised for the charity. People were happy and having fun with some great poker play. It was a good combination."

For more information on the Sign Design Theatre Company, visit their web site at

A cash prize pool of $5,800 was created for the players. I had some fun playing and visiting with the players. I put some bounties on OK Sarah and a lot of the other players, and the Sign Design Theatre put a bounty on me!

If you folks will remember, at "The Beat the Pros" poker tournament hosted at the Gold Coast a few weeks ago, I was forced to bust my daughter out of the tournament.

Well, that girl is a future poker champion and can play. She not only busted her dad out of this event but took aim on her boyfriend (James) and busted him also. She takes no prisoners at the poker table!

The Sign Design Theatre group of kids will become the nucleus of The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Youth Camp, which will he held at the Lost Canyon Resort, which is located just a couple of miles south of our home ranch (The Thousand Pines Ranch) just four miles south of Williams, Arizona on the old Perkins Road.

Carol and her board of The Seniors Charities have agreed to create The OK-J’s Youth Camp in July of 2008. It will be free to the kids of Las Vegas. We will arrange for about 60 or 70 kids to come to this wonderful new resort.

Kathy Raymond, director of poker operations at the Venetian, has agreed to help sponsor this event by making the OK-J Youth Camp the official charity of her CEO Poker Tournament.

Many other poker room managers have expressed interest in helping with the Poker for Kids Camp. I will be calling in all of my markers for this one! Send an email for details at [email protected]

Oh, yes here are the results of the second annual Sign Design Theatre Charity Poker Tournament at the Gold Coast.































OK-J poker tip of the week

W.S. Gilbert wrote in "Ruddigore": "If you wish in this world to advance, your merits you’re bound to enhance; you must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or trust me you haven’t a chance."

Now, let’s translate in poker talk

If you wish to win in the world of poker and improve your chances of taking the money home so you can count it there, you must raise your own pot at every opportunity. Do not wait for someone to raise for you.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.