Clint returns to Vegas

Jun 4, 2007 11:56 PM

My wonderful friend, Mr. Star, Clint Holmes, opened this week at UNLV in the Judy Bailey Theater. The name of his show is Just Another Man. I consider Mr. Holmes a friend and supporter of Mr. Rock. He has been there as I embarked on my journey as a journalist. This singer and entertainer’s entertainer, who had a great run at Harrah’s and also the Golden Nugget, is one of our contemporary stars.

In the cast we have the wonderful, great Earl Turner, who plays his father. We have Tina Walsh. She was the star of "Mama Mia!" and before that she was in "FX" at the MGM playing Houdini’s wife. What can we say about Clint Holmes that hasn’t been said already? Composer, musician, but I really know him as an entertainer. There are 24 original songs in his musical. This is a must see.

Also, this week, as I said before, the wonderful, vivacious Pamela Anderson and Hans Klok, open in their show at Planet Hollywood, "The Beauty of Magic." Planet Hollywood already has "Stomp Out Loud" and this show is a great complement. Pamela Anderson is tremendous in this situation: she’s as adorable as ever and can charm the (short) hairs off your head.

Also this week at the Golden Nugget, a brand new show, "The Caveman," debuts starring Kevin Burk, and written by Rob Becker, who wrote and performed this show for years on Broadway. Don Rickles did good business, but the Golden Nugget feels they have a winner in "The Caveman."

The Donald Trump fiasco is still on Donald Trump’s mind since The Apprentice was canceled. Now, we have Rosanne Barr, or Whoopi Goldberg or Kathy Griffin all trying to get that seat vacated by Rosie O’Donnell. It won’t happen, because Rosie brought a fresh, wild approach and brought the viewing 30% higher. That is a great task for television. Feuds are good for ratings. Don’t forget Mr. Rock’s career was built on being notorious and infamous and scandalous.

Case in point, at the recent opening of Wayne Brady, a so-called media person decided to be condescending, ill mannered and phony. I was just not in the mood to allow anyone to disrespect and write terrible things about me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes to my legacy as the number one hairdresser in the world, from Johnny Carson to Merv Griffin to Mike Douglas, to starring on Broadway, to selling 7 million records as Disco Tex, to "Saturday Night Fever," and now my million dollar weddings, I think I’m pretty good. So, bring it on, bring it on. There is only Monti Rock, III. There is only one Full Monti.

We all feel sad that the Joe Williams Scholarship Fund, a benefit that was to happen this Sunday, was canceled because the showroom at the South Point was not completed. The scholarship began in 1989, but it is looking for another home.

At this point, I want to thank Tom Wilkinson, the president of Vegas for Locals, who gave a great party at The Rock House Bar at the Imperial Palace for Mr. Rock. Some of the guests included Mimi Hines, Roxanne Miller, Paige O’Hara and many other friends. It was a great 60th anniversary bash. Thank you, thank you and also important, all the flowers were donated by English Garden Florists, Dave Filter, the owner and Uta. I love you, darlings.

The big news is the Osmond’s reunion special on Aug. 13-14 at The Orleans showroom that will be taped by PBS. I think the next ones to follow suite are the Jacksons. I have been watching the sale of all the Jackson memorabilia and Michael Jackson is in town looking for a venue, but aren’t we all?

Paris Hilton has one week to go before jail. She is writing a book. No kidding? I can’t see her typing away on a laptop.

Lindsey Lohan was busted again for drunk driving. In rehab, out of rehab, in rehab. We all know her movie career is not doing too well. Maybe she can get her personal life together. She’s got the millions to do it.

What can I say that I haven’t said before about Jeff Beacher? This guy gets more press than I do and I thought I was pretty good.

At the Caesars Palace Coliseum we have the countdown for Celine Dion. See her if you haven’t already. You can buy your tickets for Bette Midler.

Liza Minnelli has left the building. What can I say about Liza that hasn’t already been said? She did a show for the gypsies. I liked her show better before she put the Kay Thompson tribute in, but what do I know?

I want to thank all my readers of GamingToday, and especially the owner of GamingToday, Eileen, my editor, David, and Jeanne Michael, my assistant. To all the sources, to all the people who make Monti Rock, The Full Monti, thank you. Last but not least, my wonderful, wonderful pal, Lisa Keim, who is leaving her post as publicity manager at the Tropicana and going to work at The Firm. We love you.