NCAA contests are taking off
Terrible’s to draw for $10,000

Mar 20, 2001 5:58 AM

This contest sounds too good to be true.

Terrible’s March Madness contest is giving away $10,000. The hotel-casino will have drawings March 25 and April 2. Each time, five different winners will get $1,000.

Contestants (with valid I.D.) must be present 30 minutes after the completion of NCAA games on those dates to be eligible to win. They must be Terrible’s Players Club members.

"We’ve got a lot of interest in the contest," said Terrible’s sports book manager Thomas Vernon. "This is the first time we’ve done this for March Madness. We had a similar contest for the Super Bowl."

How do you enter? There are several ways. In the sports book, contestants play at least $20 on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (or NIT) and earn a ticket for the drawing. A $50 minimum bet earns a free dinner buffet and two tickets.

"That’s one of the favorites," Vernon said. "People like the buffet. Hungry bettors bet both sides of the game and pay $5 for a buffet."

A $150 bet rates two T-bone steak dinners and five tickets. A $250 bet rates a free room and tickets.

"Our tourist bettors like that one," Vernon said.

A $500 bet rates a free weekend stay at the hotel plus 20 tickets.

You don’t have to be a sports bettor to participate. Playing blackjack, bingo, roulette, craps, slots or just cashing a check can earn a ticket for the drum. For example, in blackjack, every suited blackjack (minimum $5) rates one ticket. In bingo, every $20 buy-in per session rates one ticket.

All tickets must be in the race and sports book drum prior to the drawing. Tickets will be cleared after the first drawing.

Fiesta contest

The Fiesta Hotel & Casino sports book is holding its first-ever "Journey Through The Tourney" March Madness tournament pool. The contest closed with 159 entries.

"That’s about what we expected," said Fiesta sports book manager Bert Cirincione. "We expect more next year. The contest will be an annual thing. We expect it to grow."

Entry fee was $10 ($1,590 in the pot). All money is returned in prizes. A contestant fills out the entire bracket once, all the way through to the national champion. Picking Round 1 is worth one point. Round 2 is two; Round 3 is four; Round 4 is eight; Round 5 is 16, and Round 6 is 32.

First place wins half the pot. Second place gets 25 percent; third, 15; and fourth, 10. If a contestant earns over 143 points, the Fiesta kicks in an extra $1,000. If more than one person reaches over 143, that pot is split.