Cavs see ‘booby’ prize

Jun 12, 2007 6:12 AM

”˜Booby’ Gibson has become a star for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. Too bad LeBron James can’t find another one.

It’s true that all San Antonio has done is hold serve going to Game 3, but the domination can’t be ignored.

The shift to Cleveland may wake up the spirits. Certainly the Cavalier fans will rock the house in Game 3. But we’re seeing the big difference between San Antonio and Detroit. The Spurs have a coach. Nothing personal, but Flip Saunders needs another coaching locale. Gregg Popovich makes adjustments.

NBA FINAL, Game 3. TUESDAY (c/o Mirage)

Spurs -1½ at Cavs (178½): The Cavs will bring everything to the table, otherwise the Finals are a done deal. Of course, many believe it was done before Game 1. Cleveland has been badly outcoached. It’s all about tempo and the Cavs have been sucked into San Antonio’s grind it out half-court offense and in your face team D. Memo to Cavs: Go small, get quicker and watch Golden State highlights. The Spurs remember Game 3 humbler at Utah. A Ginobili three would cover. SPURS.

Game 4. THURSDAY (odds c/o GT)

Spurs -2 at Cavs: If Spurs are up 3-0, it ends here. If not, give the Cavs the edge to tie the series.