The right ‘way’ to play 15-spots

Jun 18, 2007 4:37 AM

If you recall from two weeks ago we talked a bit about the joy of playing 15-spots. Here are a few enjoyable ways to play those 15-spots on way tickets.

There are several obvious means of producing 15-spot ways. Groups of 5-spots (in collections of three groups) are the most obvious, and since 15 = 3 x 5 we can also construct 15-spot ways using groups of three. And, since 15 is an odd number, we can construct 15-spot "criss cross" tickets using groups of 8 and 7, or 9 and 6, or 10 and 5 etc.

If we take four groups of five we can simply cover up one of the groups to make a 15-spot, thus we will have a 4-way-15 using 20-spots.

This is a very pleasant ticket to play for several reasons. It offers a high frequency of paybacks, and it utilizes 20 numbers, which is the number drawn, so it will appeal to those who track draws. It also has appeal to those who play the corners or other area strategies.

On a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, Keno Lil rates the 4-way-15:

Three and one half Spikes

Adding one more group of five to the 4-way-15 creates a 10-way-15, which is worth a try in a keno tournament, especially in the early stages when a decent hit may put you in the lead. Six groups of five give you a 20-way-15 and adding each group will augment the ways in the familiar pattern of Pascal’s Triangle.

Or how about a 6-way-15? Mark 18 numbers, and group them in six groups of three, and you will have a simple 6-way-15. It is easily visualized by covering each group of three one at a time. Add another group and you will get a 21-way-15, ”¦ and on according to Pascal.

Two groups of 7 and two groups of 8 will give you another alternative to the 4-way-15 above, while three groups of eight and two groups of seven will give you an alternative 6-way-15. I suspect that the eight x seven 4-way-15 is one of the best 4-way-15s.

You can also play a field of eight, with four groups of seven to produce a 4-way-15, or even a field of seven with four groups of eight to produce the same. These alternatives can be visualized 8-7-7-7-7 or 8-8-8-8-7. These are certainly playable though as with all field tickets you must have a good hit on the field to produce any winners.

If you have a Keno question that you would like answered, please write to me care of this paper, or contact me on the web via email at [email protected]. Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!