‘Pure’ as the driven ...

Jun 18, 2007 5:37 AM

This week Las Vegas is kind of in mourning over Lindsey Lohan, who is celebrating her 21st birthday at Pure. At a media event, there were Lindsey Lohan flyers everywhere.

But the stand-out was Wayne Newton looking tan and trim and talking about his movie career. Believe it or not, Wayne is doing incredible business at Harrah’s, packing them in.

In the bad taste category, Joe Trammel who had a show at the Fremont Experience, titled, "Glamour in the Slammer," (which should have been the title for my book), had people throwing objects at him, thinking he was a Paris Hilton supporter. Really!

The Florist to the Stars strikes again. I was at English Garden Florists when I saw all these long stem roses. Garth Brooks sent 50 dozen roses to Celine Dion. Garth, what a gentleman you are. Celine is winding down her five year sold out mega concerts at Caesars’ Coliseum.

She also just bought her husband an incredible gift. I have always been a fan of this diva and with Bette Midler coming in and Cher in the wings, let’s see who can take over the reins of the top grossing star. No one will out-gross Celine. I stand by my words.

CineVegas has left the building. As I said in my column last week, Ocean 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 continues ad nauseam. Something needs revamping. If we are going to have a festival, we need people who know how to treat the media and not be selective. Now, we have the red carpet, the pink carpet, the green carpet. I think we should forget about the carpets.

What is the fate of the Tropicana and the "Follies Bergere?" I talked to Jerry Jackson from his Los Angeles home and he told me everything was great with the hotel and his production.

The same is true of Bally’s "Jubilee," which has just been revamped and we all know "The Producers" business is down.

At the Wynn Property, "Spamalot" is doing business and "The Phantom of the Opera" has cut two shows. Again, to be redundant, they said I spelled "Mama Mia!" wrong. They are running their fifth year. Spell it right or wrong, they are the first Broadway hit to sustain a full house every night for the last five years. This will be their last year.

At the Golden Nugget, Caveman seems to be doing great business and I mean great business. After the flop of Simply Ballroom, the new ownership of the Landry Group, some of these hotels have to get their act right.

Sandy Murphy is back in court. She filed a motion to dismiss a wrongful death suit by Ted Binion’s daughter, Bonnie. This should be interesting. Judge Elizabeth Halverson and Sandy Murphy. Both media magnets.

This last week Rosie O’Donnell, who is getting her own TV show, had a few choice words about Larry King. We all know Rosie left The View abruptly. The View is no longer The View without her. So, we have Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr — all wanting her enormous seat. If they were smart, they would call me. I have a few choice words to tell America. But, being the Gossip King in Las Vegas, my time is very limited.

This week’s coming attractions: The Osmond Family Reunion Show is totally sold out. The Scintas are almost ready to sign a new contract. Clint Holmes has had many producers flying in to see his show to take it to the West End or New York. Fred Travalina, remember him? He will be at The Orleans very soon.

I went to see Jay White at the Riviera, who does the best Neil Diamond, for his 10th Anniversary. Let’s not forget Rick Thomas at The Orleans showroom.

What is the fate of "Beauty of Magic" at Planet Hollywood? What is happening with the Steve Wyrick Theater, The Mad Exit? We all know Ronn Lucas is going to the Luxor for the afternoon slot. We all know Martin Nievera, the Filipino star didn’t do very well at the Steve Wyrick Theater. Nievera, of whom I am a fan, really needs to find a room and marketing is important. Aga-Boom is coming to the Steve Wyrick Theater starting Saturday.

Isaiah Washington was fired from Grey’s Anatomy for racial slurs. You can’t say anything about being gay, being black, being Chinese or Mexican. So, what is this columnist? For those of you who don’t know, I am Puerto Rican and very proud of it.

What is the fate of Al Kelly? Remember the song, "I Believe I Can Fly?" I believe he is going to jail.

Last but not least, I sincerely want to thank Richard Sturm for the flowers, the note, the class, the support, and understanding of the brand that is Monti Rock, III. You are a gem, my friend.

It’s good to be Monti Rock, III. And I’d like to add that it’s time to stop all the slurs about me in the columns around town. It’s a shame there are hack writers who simply want to attract attention by being crass. Grow up, creatures.