Bets over -115proving costly

Jun 19, 2007 7:56 AM

Mathematics was never my strong suit, as in high school I had to go to summer school to barely pass Algebra. However, I do know numbers and odds on betting propositions.

Currently only two out of 31 teams are winning 6-of-10 games they play. Additionally, only three are hovering around winning 4-of-10. To further illustrate the point, throw out these five teams and what’s left is 25 basically playing .500 ball. You do the math. If bettors lay a price over -115, they are getting the worst of it.

Every day big favorites go down for one reason or another. Follow my philosophy that "if you can’t get a plus, get on the bus." Or, I never met a dog I didn’t want to pet. Unless, of course, the dog was raised by Michael Vick Enterprises.

This week marks the end of inter-league play for at least a while. Picking sides have been real tough, but the opposite has been true for the totals.

Two good under plays shape up for this weekend. First, the visiting Cubs face the White Sox in a battle of futility for the bragging rights to America’s second City. Also, don’t overlook the Orioles at Arizona for low scoring.

Searching hard for a respectable over recommendation, I came up with the Yankees at Colorado. The problem here is that series starts Tuesday, so hopefully many of you will pick up GamingToday early in the week.

Tomato over/under

I’m elated to have finally accomplished perhaps the most difficult project to have been associated with. For the past four years, I’ve attempted to grow tomatoes in my back yard. Each year there were different reasons for my failures. These ranged from being planted too early one year, the freeze killing the plants, planting too late and the heat causing the plants not to produce.

One year I covered them with no success. Another year I saturated them with so many minerals and Miracle Grow that they grew to about three feet in height. However, they produced no tomatoes. Being a stubborn man, I gave it another shot this year. Lo and behold, we received our first specimens in the form of two golf ball sized tomatoes.

Four years of frustration finally turned to total satisfaction. I personally feel like a new parent once again. By my calculations, it only cost about $150 each for our great accomplishments. To be completely honest, it was definitely worth every penny. The plants now are filled with green tomatoes that hopefully will blossom to full sized fruit and attest to my persistence.

Success is sweet. However, would you believe my wife says the tomatoes are too pretty to eat. How in the world can a guy win in this game? Maybe we should bronze them as a remembrance of the sweet summer of 2007.

With Father’s Day just passed, I’d like to thank my three sons, three daughters-in-law, six grandchildren and devoted wife for making me the happiest dad in the world.

Have a great week!