Anger hits Tiger, baseball

Jun 19, 2007 8:04 AM

What a crazy week!

Fights in baseball and Tiger not being able to pull off one of his late charges in the U.S. Open. Woods had to settle for a second place tie in last weekend’s U.S. Open behind a deserving winner from Argentina

Baseball has the look of ice hockey with all the fights. If a pitcher gets a ball near the batter, some of these guys just automatically want to charge the mound. I can remember when baseball was truly America’s game and players still knew how to move runners up and hit the ball to the right side of the infield.

Some could actually bunt the ball, but there were guys like "Charlie Hustle" Pete Rose, who when needing to reach first base would lean into a pitch and get hit purposely. In today’s baseball, that would never happen. These high paid players might get a bruise or just swing for the fence instead of taking one for the team. It’s all about them.

Pro sports started going sour with the NBA, which in my view lost its product and now produces a boring game. I’d rather watch paint dry than an NBA game. If you did happen to bet on a game and it was on TV, you could just watch the last 60 seconds. That’s when most are decided. This year’s NBA Finals on ABC were the least watched of all time.

Even if it seems like there’s no interest, the NBA has all those million dollar salaries and tattoo guys getting rich. Plus, there’s a very strong union.

Speaking of unions and pro sports, the NFL is right around the corner. Teams have been holding practice seasons as is the norm this time of year. When I was playing football at St Peter’s in Ohio grade school, we practiced this time of year with pads and hit like there was no tomorrow. The purpose was to shape up and get more physical.

First-year Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin had been running some serious minicamp practices which included some intensity and aggressive play. Well, the Players Union would just not stand for all of it. Some of the players complained that they could possible get an ouchy.

The Players Union prevailed and took away the last week of organized team practice saying Oakland violated terms of the collective bargaining agreement. That just about puts a fork in me for having any kind of feelings for all of these multi-million dollar primadonnas. Take me back to Rocky I.

My yellow submarine

I know times change and occasionally I point a finger where it shouldn’t go. You know, like the one about the stick in your eye. Well, some of you may know that biblical story. If not, I will relate an incident that happened to me a few years ago sitting in McCarran waiting for my plane for Louisville heading to the Kentucky Derby.

Having checked in, I bought a bag of chips, ice tea and some other items for the ride. The items were in my carry-on bag as I headed for a seat. With racing form in hand, I was set to ready, sip ice tea, eat the bag of chips and relax. This girl sitting next to me reaches into my bag of chips and eats them.

I look at her and she smiles back at me. I say to myself what nerve to do this. As I eat and sip while delving into the racing form, I realize there’s just one chip left in the bag. We look at each other and she takes the chip and neatly breaks it in half. I keep going nuts over the chip deal and as I reach into my carry-on bag there is a new bag of chips.

Sometimes we just should not point fingers.

My confusion may be age related. It goes back to the legendary Beatles, my favorite group of all time. The Beatles made one great song after another, but there was one that I really didn’t like that much and never did understand it. Sort of like the NBA and the NFL practices!

The song was called Yellow Submarine. In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed the sea and told us of his life in a Yellow Submarine. I guess we all live in some sort of Yellow Sub, or is it just me?