Enough Paris, already!

Jun 25, 2007 2:11 AM

Paris Hilton is getting out of jail on Tuesday and the television networks are turning down the opportunities to pay for an interview with her. Even if I had the cash, I wouldn’t pay a nickel to speak with her. In fact, she would have to pay me. Surprise. Surprise. Lindsey Lohan’s 21st birthday bash at PURE has been cancelled. We all saw her father, who had been incarcerated, talking about his daughter and canceling her birthday party.

Jeff Beacher at the Hard Rock just rehired Leonard The Magnificent. Beacher’s Mad House at the Hard Rock is a hit as is his bar at the Imperial Palace and partnership at Lucky Strikes, the bowling alley at the Rio. Beacher is one great promoter. Leonard the Magnificent was on America Has Talent. This guy is about 7 feet tall and hails from Russia. He opens Saturday at the Hard Rock. This and Jeff’s Little People is a must see!

I took a drive to the South Point to look at its new showroom. Opening on July 6 and 8 is Love Boy and on June 30, Great White. South Point is quite a drive, but for the locals, I hear they have loose slots.

The opening at the Golden Nugget of "Defending the Caveman," starring Kevin Burke, written by Rob Becker, was the opening of openings, from the pool party to the red carpet to the wonderful Mayor Oscar, who told me he and his wife want to renew their vows. He will be one of my Million Dollar Weddings.

At the Venetian, there’s the first anniversary of "The Phantom." There are two phantoms in the lead role — Anthony Crivello and Brent Barrett, both of whom have just signed for one more year. "The Phantom" is magnificent. What can I say? I have seen the show from Miami to New York to LA. This is a must see.

The wonderful Mimi Hines back from the "Frisco Follies" and just did a concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Karen Marlow. We all have to marvel at this great star of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines fame.

This week has been tribute week in Las Vegas. Tribute shows are coming and coming and coming. At the Sahara, we have the wonderful Trent Carlini. What is different about Trent? His tribute show is well oiled. Produced by Joe Battack, an old friend. Remember Larry Edwards? He does the best Tina Turner. He is on the TV show, The Next Best Thing. I remember Larry Edwards, who is now the host at Krave, as Hot Chocolate.

Check out Larry G. Jones downtown at Fitzgerald’s. He’s a first-class impressionist with a great voice who deserves a shot at a Strip property. He’s a self-promoter who works his tail off trying to get people into his showroom.

We have been talking about the fate of "The Producers" since David Hasselhoff left and went back to be a host on America Has Talent. With all the media hype, we have now the very talented Tony Danza. Danza was on Taxi, Who’s The Boss and on Broadway in "The Producers," will add star power to the production which has not seemed to catch on with the locals. He is a great added bonus.

We all know Rosanne Barr left the building. Now, there is talk of a national radio show, The View, her own talk show. So, don’t count Rosanne out yet.

At the Wynn Property, Spamalot is doing good business and coming soon at the Sahara, a brand new show. What is the fate of the Sahara since it has been sold? Is everyone shaking in their boots?

On a sadder note, my wonderful friend and divine writer, Lisa Mogel, lost her wonderful husband, Sal. Lisa and Sal were a wonderful couple, who have a 5-year-old son. The funeral was Monday. God bless.

At this point, I want to thank Tom Wilkinson, the president of Vegas for Locals, who gave a great party at The Rock House Bar at the Imperial Palace for Mr. Rock. Some of the guests included Mimi Hines, Roxanne Miller, Paige O’Hara and many other friends. It was a great 60th anniversary bash. Thank you, thank you and also important, all the flowers were donated by English Garden Florists, Dave Filter, the owner and Uta. I love you, darlings.

The Beauty of Magic is now two for one.

Pamela Anderson, what a pro you are! You supply your own brand of magic.

On July 20 at Primm, local resident Gladys Knight comes back to us. Local Las Vegans, let’s support our local shows.