Ride a manager merry-go-round

Jun 26, 2007 5:24 AM

Strange things happen over the seven months of the Major League baseball season. For those who follow the sport on a daily basis, we can attest to that.

Let’s start with the firing of Sam Perlozzo by the Baltimore Orioles this past week. Poor Sam, a real nice man, was saddled with one and a half acceptable Major League pitchers, one Major League ball player, a team batting average in the low .200s and a member of the strongest division in baseball.

Additionally, he consistently was second-guessed by a good looking ex-salesman of an underwear manufacturer who was on the staff of broadcasters, that made numerous outlandish statements, some of which they had to publicly apologize for, and retract, to maintain heir small semblance of respectability.

And all this time you thought that Don Imus was a bad guy.

At any rate, the club selected my favorite ex-manager, Joe Garadi, to become their next pin cushion. Joe, an intelligent man, turned down the job that in all probability would have at least tripled his present income.

Strange indeed! Is it at all possible that Joe may be holding out for the Yankee job that was predicted for him in this column about two months ago? Like I said before, strange things happen over the course of seven months.

Speaking of the Yankees, can anyone believe that as well as they were hitting going into Coors Field in Denver they would have amassed only five runs in three games against the Rockies’ pitching staff? Not only did they get swept in the series, but I was the idiot that projected 3 over games there. Strange things happen in baseball.

This week baseball gets back to normal, without any inter-league garbage to confuse the bettors. Let’s start with an early series that begins on Tuesday: Pirates at Marlins. I look for a sweep by the Florida club, as they will be facing two left hand pitchers and they’ve hit lefties at a record clip.

Over the weekend you can feast on six different selections for the totals: Rockies at Astros over except versus Oswald; Padres at Dodgers under; Arizona at Giants under; Tampa Bay at Cleveland over; Texas at Boston over; and finally, White Sox at Royals under.

That’s a ton of games to bet on, and if I don’t bust you this week give me another shot next week. Actually the totals have been going "as advertised" for the most part, so stick with them for a while longer.

Have a great week.