May baseball bets could rise

Jun 26, 2007 7:06 AM

Baseball came out of the gate strong in April, but it will be the figures from May that determine whether the upgrade was a fad or a reliable trend.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board figures had baseball betting up 23.1 percent in April, with a hold percentage of 8.54. The average hold is less than four percent.

"Bettors did extremely well the opening month," said Frank Streshley, senior analyst for Nevada Gaming Control when contacted at his Carson City office. "With some of the fan favorite teams like the Yankees not doing well, that may have helped. "

There also could be a connection between baseball’s rise in April and basketball’s demise. The NBA was down $2.6 million in wagers, which translates as an incredible 179 percent compared to figures from last April.

"We don’t get a breakdown of basketball, so I couldn’t give you a reason why," Streshley said.

The May figures are due in about three weeks.