Run to cells,not +1½ line2plines

Jul 3, 2007 3:14 AM

I have had several E-mails, none as yet from an I-phone or the new AT&T Blackberry curve. At least, I don’t think they came from any of those new high tech devices.

Anyway the E-mails were questioning the run lines on baseball. As many of my regular readers know, I have been betting and making money on run lines for several years now. But so far this year I am one unit down.

Run lines where you get +1½ runs plus money have been few and far between. I have noticed this and brought it up on several occasions to some fellow bookmakers. Back when I was putting up lines on baseball, we had a run line chart that broke down what the run line should be according to the money line on the side.

For instance, say the Yankees were -220 on the side. In the past you could get the dog at +1½ +105. Not any more. The line has become -110 both ways or even -115 on the +1½ runs. So how did this all come about? One of the top bookmakers in the city told me that it was the Islands, especially Pinnacle Sports who made the adjustment and the Vegas books all fell into place.

So is the betting on the +1½ runs plus money finished? I won’t know until the season ends, but I will post the final results on this play. In discussing the 1½ with a top baseball handicapper and bettor, note that wagering against every -200 favorite or higher would have been so profitable that you could be making reservations to Del Mar and afford the Hotel Del Coronado ($500 a night).

Personally, I would rather stay on the cheap and use the extra funds to bet with or eat at the fish market. We will continue to monitor the run lines.

A calling for I-phones

Now what about this new phenomenon I-phone? Just about all of us here in Vegas know that it is absolutely forbidden to use a cell phone of any kind in the race and sports books. Still, five guys sitting behind me from La La land all had cell phones and were making calls despite being warned. I wonder how race and sports books will be able to stop anyone from sending, getting a text message or logging on to the Internet?

It’s about time to get rid of this ridiculous rule. We may have needed it 15 or 20 years ago, but it’s 2007. Someone wake up and look at what is going on in the world!

Pick Six at own risk

Avoid playing a Pick Six at any Southern California track and notice how much money you will save. You have a better chance hitting six on a keno machine. This past Sunday there was a huge two day pick six carryover at Hollywood Park. I did handicap all the races and it looked like it could be hit with a reasonably priced ticket.

I put one together, but did not play it. In leg 1, I narrowed it down to three horses with one finishing second. Leg 2 was my single and it won. Leg 3 had four solid turf horses going 11/4. The longest shot was a cheap 4yo gelding claimed for 10k after placing eighth and beaten 10 lengths. He was moved up to 35k in this race and went off at 80/1. He rang the bell and buried all the pick six tickets.

If there were any left, race 8 would take care of the rest.

I decided to play a pick three in the final three races, believing the worst was over. I had won the 7th and I thought repeated in the 8th only for No. 1 Mostacolli Mort to get DQ. His trainer Julio Canani went nuts with the take down as the horse that got put up had no chance at the win.

The horse that they said he bothered was actually pushed into the No. 12, who caused all the trouble. That ended the pick six and my pick three. The pick six will carryover again, but I will be home relaxing with whatever leftover cash I have locked away in my pocket. By the way Friday Night racing is also a no-no as. These horses almost never run to their day time form.

Contests are the plan

I have decided to stick with some good horse contests the remainder of the summer. That means playing Last Man Standing at Station Casinos and the new SuperBook Saturdays at the Hilton. The Hilton contest is a $30 entry fee and up to three entries. The Hilton will put up $500 in prize money with the rest coming from all entry fees collected. Prize money will depend on the amount of entries, so stop in and get a set of the rules.

Have a good a safe Independence Day and make sure you get good use of that new i-phone or Blackberry. Don’t forget to log on or text me a message.