How to bet the 4, 10

Jul 9, 2007 4:34 AM

The four and the ten pay a handsome 9-5 reward, so if you bet $5 on both numbers, you will win $9 if either one hits. Of course, if you bought the same numbers you would win a little more, but you will need to make at least a $25 bet on both ($50 total) to make this profitable.

Wanna know the secrets that craps pros use to profit from $5 bets on the fours and tens?

Let’s find out.

What you will be looking for is three hits on the four or ten to make your money. If the shooter is a good one, you will more than likely make this play, and this is how you’ll do it.

First, place $5 on both the four and ten. Let’s say now the four hits and you win $9. Take both numbers down and you have $19 in your hand ($14 from the four and $5 from the ten). Add a buck to this and place the four again for $20. When you win you get $36 plus your $20 back. Pocket the $6 and place the four a third time for $50. This third hit wins you $90, and you take it all down. You have turned your initial investment of $5 into $90 in only three hits.

Of course, if the ten hits first you would be betting on that number instead of the four. And, you should bet only if the shooter is qualified to bet on — does he bet bit on himself and look like he will be a good shooter? If not, don’t bet on him. Find another table or wait for the next shooter.

In 36 sample rolls, you should see three fours and three tens, a total of six hits — the same number as the seven, so choosing a good shooter is very important. Once you do, this three-step play will work more often than you think. It’s a great way of turning only $5 into $90 in a short amount of time.

Give it a try next time you see a qualified shooter.

Now, you know the secret of the fours and tens.