WPT launches site

Jul 9, 2007 4:55 AM

WPT Enterprises, Inc., the company that operates the World Poker Tour, announced last week the official launch of its new online real money and "play for fun" gaming site, WorldPokerTour.com.

WPT executives were in London to celebrate the launch and invite players from around the globe to register and receive the $1500 "You Play, We Pay" bonus program, one of the industry’s largest bonuses ever offered.

Five years ago televised poker sparked the global poker boom and skyrocketed the online gaming business into a multi-billion dollar-per-year industry, yet gaming laws prompted WPT to tailor its rules accordingly and not accept US bets.

In April, WPT moved its online global gaming platform to develop a new site with leading software developer, CryptoLogic, whose shared network offers a constant, substantial player liquidity.

"The launch of WorldPokerTour.com allows us to strengthen our brand with the unveiling of a comprehensive and robust online gaming platform," said Steve Lipscomb, president, founder and CEO of WPTE. "Our strategic partnership with CryptoLogic offers our users a stable, secure and proven platform while the flexible infrastructure can meet the demands of our growing business."

Lipscomb continued, "WPT played a very key role in the global poker boom and remains one of the most visible and respected poker brands today. By moving our online global gaming platform to CryptoLogic and securing immediate liquidity, we are poised to make a major impact in the online gaming industry and create a significant financial opportunity for our company."

Fans who have played on WPT’s original gaming site, WPTOnline, will enjoy a new look and feel as they migrate to WorldPokerTour.com. The site offers a host of popular poker games, including No Limit Texas Hold ”˜Em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and Holdem Blackjack; as well as unique tournaments such as Headhunters, where players are rewarded during a tournament for each opponent they eliminate.

What’s more, WorldPokerTour.com is built into CryptoLogic’s global shared network —one of the largest in the world that does not take US bets — where thousands of players are continuously online, ensuring WPT fans can find a game at the level and stake they want, in the currency they want, whenever they want it.

In London for the launch of WorldPokerTour.com, actress, competitive poker player and WPT board member Mimi Rogers said: "It seems fitting to launch WorldPokerTour.com in London, the new poker capital of Europe. It’s great that we can help the growth of the game with our new site; it offers the professional look, feel and security expected by experienced players like me, while offering new players a chance to hone their skills in a fun, free environment."

WorldPokerTour.com does not take bets in the United States or in other territories where online gaming is restricted.