And now a word from Pocono on way to Indy

Jul 17, 2007 5:54 AM

After an action filled race in Sweet Home Chicago, the world’s longest traveling show goes dark this week.

This will be only the third dark week on the NASCAR Nextel Cup’s 2007 schedule and the last idle period until late November. The Cup drivers and teams have been working in the shops and testing since early January, criss-crossing the nation in a more rigorous fashion than the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Could it be that part of NASCAR’s charm to family folk across this great nation is that they put in a full years work just like all us regular guys who punch in and out five days a week.

What do you need an off-season for? We’ll watch you year round — that’s how much the sport is liked.

Tony Stewart finally got on the winners board which means look out for everyone else. Stewart runs in streaks and all it takes for him is that one victory. He’ll be a driver you can look at now as a serious contender to win for the next 6 races starting with Indianapolis next week.

The best way to get ready the Brickyard race in two weeks is to start handicapping now. We have had the luxury of watching the Pocono race already this year, which gives us sheets of data to sift through. Pocono and the Brickyard are viewed similar to crew chiefs that do the set-ups. The reason being the straights, which require amped horsepower and great handling / balanced cars for the tight flat turns. It’s not an easy task for many but, for a few, it was relatively simple at Pocono.

When handicapping, run through all the data including qualifying, all three practice sessions (including Happy Hour), and the race itself. That Pocono race was rain shortened, so the final results are not always indicative of who actually had the best car that day.

We’ll call it the GamingToday Brickyard quiz. Take all that data, put it together and read between the lines. You’ll likely come up with the same top 5 prediction I will submit in the July 24 issue. More importantly, you’ll have all the right info to withdraw some cash from your favorite book by being more equipped for battle in odds to win and matchups.

Good Luck with the exercise. I don’t really have a prize to give away than assisting in beating your book.




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