A tribute to Liberace

Jul 23, 2007 11:52 PM

As I announced in the column a few weeks ago, I went to the Liberace Museum, where on Aug. 2 a new Liberace tribute show, starring Wes Winters will open. To me, it is the best tribute I have seen. It is called "On With the Show." On that day, they will name the room the Wes Winters Showroom.

This week there was a lot of brouhaha on Lindsay Lohan. She was at Pure, the nightclub at Caesars Palace, with an ankle bracelet and holding hands with Criss Angel. This ankle bracelet is supposed to be so she won’t drink. I have one and it doesn’t help. When I went to rehab, I was in rehab. I have been sober 15 years. I didn’t get an ankle bracelet. I got a chip and a new career.

We are all hearing the news that Brittany Spears has been in and out of town. Supposedly, she may end up at the Palms. We also have Cher doing four days a week, not signed yet, for next year. The tickets are on sale for Bette Midler opening in February as we have the countdown for Celine Dion.

Over at Paris, there’s a new show, "Oh La La." What does oh la la stand for? It is a sexy female topless review. It is a nightly show at the Anthony Cools Experience. It is an all female cast, my darlings.

On Monday, July 30 a new hypnotist show opens at the House of Blues. Rock hard comedy hypnotist, featuring Michael Johns and Terry Stokes.

Last week I got a call that Charo may be coming back to Las Vegas. Stay tuned.

The Frontier closed its doors on Sunday. Next week you can buy a piece of history, from chips to chairs.

I went to a luncheon of an old Las Vegas dignitary, Nelson Sardelli. You can join for one dollar and you must be Italian or not Italian. It was quite extraordinary to see some of the great stars, legends of years gone by. What can I say about Nelson Sardelli? He is part of the Vegas fabric.

In November the Orleans is giving Golden Rainbow, a night of stars for the 50 and older group. The extraordinary thing about this is that Golden Rainbow raises thousands of dollars for charity.

Rumor has it that Donny Osmond is looking to buy a house here. Everyone is buying a house here.

Reality shows, reality shows, Vegas reality shows. The next best thing has Trent Carlini leading the pack as Sinatra and Sebastian, who also works here in the finals.

My wonderful friend, Tony Curtis is walking again. He is 83 years old and walking and feeling great. We love you, Tony.

Have you been watching America Has Talent? Well from the looks of it, America doesn’t have much talent.

Harry Potter is #1 at the box office. Monti Rock Million Dollar Weddings. Make your appointment at reduced prices. This week’s price is $50 and you get a video. This is what happens with inflation.

Let’s not forget Barry Manilow has reopened at the Hilton with Music and Passion. Also at the Hilton, Ira David Sternberg, radio/TV show on Saturdays, Lunch With Ira.

In Pahrump, Heidi Fleiss opened a Laundromat. "I’m gonna wash those men right out of my hair." She is trying to open her stud farm, or is it ranch?

I was watching Larry King and saw Tammy Faye. Our prayers are out to you, brave, brave lady.