Be kind to the home dogs!

Jul 24, 2007 2:48 AM

The rule of thumb this weekend appears to be the home dogs in the American League. As most of the visitors will be strong favorites, the home dogs may just provide an opportunity to get us all even (or even worse).

In the National League the three game match-up between the Brewers at the Cardinals may well tell the tale of the Central Division. The Dodgers visiting the Rockies may be interesting; remember the high flying Yankees coming into Coors Field and limping out without a six pack to their name.

It’s 5 a.m. Thursday, July 19, and I haven’t been able to sleep all night. All day yesterday I listened to people talk about Michael Vick’s indictment for allegedly (I’ve been taught that word by my son, the lawyer) instituting, hosting, betting on and breeding dogs for fighting until their death, and I really still can’t believe it.

I’m not sure I can put my feelings into acceptable words for this subject without crossing over the line of literary decency. I’m by no means a fanatic, but I love dogs and we’ve had one or more for the past 35 years. My kids were raised with dogs in the house and during the brief times when they weren’t there we all experienced a certain emptiness which we rapidly rectified. How people can raise them for the sole purpose of killing one another is incomprehensible to me. These absolutely loving creatures want only your love and attention and in return give so much more than they get that it’s totally unbalanced in our favor.

What man in his right mind doesn’t at least temporarily forget his problems when he is greeted by that wagging tail upon coming home from a rough day? In almost all of my past writings I’ve always attempted to put a smile at least on my readers’ faces; but on this subject I can think of no words to do so.

A few events of interest occurred this week, led by the Philadelphia baseball team losing their 10,000th game. Many people believe this record was difficult to achieve but I’m not among them. I lost my 10,000th game a few years ago with no fan fare whatsoever. Of course the Phillies only play baseball while I participate in all major sports!

In other news a former NBA referee named Tim Donaghy is being investigated for gambling activity and possible mob connections. I only wish I could have been in the room when the squeaky clean commissioner of the NBA, David Stern, got the news of the allegations. Mr. Stern has gone on record that no team will be headquartered in Las Vegas as long as betting on games legally is pursued. Well if in fact it did occur in Vegas, which it did not, our regulatory agencies would have uncovered it in a New York second. Nevada bookmakers are awfully sharp, Dave; maybe you’d like to rethink your stubborn philosophy. There is much to be said about strict regulations in our industry and how efficient our business has been over the years. To further illustrate my point, don’t we all wish the New York Stock Exchange regulators had done their job as well as the Nevada regulators had done theirs before corporate executives milked billions from unprotected stock holders? I rest my case.

JOKE OF THE WEEK: Tampa Bay pitchers have given up almost eight runs per game so far this season. Do you think you should bet them over every day? What’s in your wallet?